The message of Buddha to manknd

Lord Buddha was born in the ancient kingdom of Nepal. He was born as a prince Siddhartha Gautam to King Suddhodhan and Queen Maya Devi. Prince Siddhartha was very bright from his younger days. The people of Kapilvastu (Kingdom of Suddhodhan), and the king were happy that the kingdom will be more prosperous, and people will be happier when prince Siddhartha will be the king. But destiny had another plan in its path. The lavish life of Siddhartha in his palace was not enough for him, he was not satisfied, he wanted more to know about life.

He left the palace to pursue the path of enlightenment. Buddha was born when Prince Siddhartha found his path in life. He is now the symbol of peace and nonviolence. Buddha is no more but his teachings remain and will forever remain. The message of Buddha is what guides many people in their lives today. They follow the message of Buddha to move in the path of enlightenment. Here are 20 message given by buddha to mankind:

1. Peace for Internal and External flourishment

Peace was the greatest message of Buddha. Buddha due to this is also considered as the symbol of peace. Peace was considered the greatest by Buddha. Both internal peace and external peace are required for flourishment.

Buddha left his palace to find his inner peace. When his inner peace was found inside him then with its power, he was able to give the message of peace to the world. Both inner peace and external peace are required to maintain peace. When every individual attains their inner peace, the peace to society and the world is inevitable.

2. Non-Violence

It is another great massage of Buddha. Buddha was always non-violence in nature even before becoming buddha in his early life. He always walked on the path of non-violence and taught his followers to do so. The non-violence message of Buddha says that the goal that is achieved through violence is not worth it. There is always a way to achieve the goal through the path of non-violence. 

3. Love everyone

Buddha loved each and everything in the world. Good or bad, rich, or poor, he loved everyone the same. All were equal in his eyes, and he loved them. Loving everyone was one of the greatest massages of Buddha. If we were to love everyone like they were all our own, we can take civilization in a new direction. Buddha even loved the violent and carnivorous animals like they were their children. Such was the love of Buddha to the world and loving everyone was the message of Buddha to his followers and the world.

4. Follow the path of Dharma

Dharma is the duty of everyone to the world. Everyone has their Dharma for the world. If an act is selfless, beneficial to the world and society, helps the people in need then it is the act of Dharma. Contrary to dharma is the act of Adharma, selfish acts, disturbing the life of others, harming other and such activities all fall under the category of adharma. Always remaining in the path of Dharma was the message of Buddha to the world and his followers.

5. Your thoughts make you

Our thoughts are the things that define us. How we think and what we think determines our worth to the world. The message of Buddha regarding thoughts to the world was that thing pure and noble thoughts. One who thinks of noble goals and moves to pursue them will achieve wonderful things in life. Similarly, one who keeps their thought impure and lowly will achieve nothing and only negative things.

6. Do the right thing

In the life of people, even the ordinary ones come many points where one must choose between right and wrong. Doing the right thing always the message of Buddha. Sometimes the cost of doing the right thing may be high. While sometimes, the negative people or temptations may force you to take the wrong path and do the wrong things. Despite this, this one must do the right thing whatever the cost may be. The right path is sometimes difficult to walk and many who started with you may leave you, but you should not be afraid and keep moving.

7. Control your heart

Our heart is very playful and tilts to many things. However, a strong will and mind can bind the heart in one location. The heart tries to tilt to many things that are neither right nor beneficial to us. To always keep your heart steady was the message of buddha. He taught his followers to always understand what their goal was, what their mind wants, what they want to achieve? The road to the goal may be filled with many options, the heart may want to go towards them. However, the heart must be kept steady with the use of strong will and an unchanging mindset.

8. Discipline is the key

Buddha was very disciplined in his life. He made a rule for himself, set a certain path for himself, and always walked the path whatever the condition was. The message of Buddha for achieving the goal is always to be discipline. Whatever may be the goal either to achieve peace or even get successful in the material world one must always be disciplined. One who disciplines himself and moves the correct path will achieve anything he wishes in the world.

9. Give as much as you can

The world has enough resources for all of us. However, the world is divided into two fragments. One has too much than they need while one has too little. If everyone only kept how much they need only and give the rest of them to the needy. The world can be a happy peace. The way of giving is the massage of Buddha to his followers and the entire world.

10. Conquer the desire

According to Buddha raga or desire is one of the forces that distracts from our path and makes us helpless. Desire according to Buddha comes in all forms. Some are limited to the body while some are related to the materials while some are related to the thought also. Controlling desire or conquering raga is the message of Buddha. One who has conquered raga can see the world as properly as it is. Those blinded by desire always remain in the illusion and fight over each over petty little thing. While those who go beyond that can sprout their wings to attain peace.

11. Get victorious over Rage

Rage, anger, hatred whatever one may call it they are extremely negative emotions. Some may see them as the source of power and their friends. However, it drains the happiness out of them and clouds their ability to judge the situation properly. Anger and rage are the sources of various conflicts and disagreements which leads to violence. The message of Buddha to his followers and the world is to conquer their anger and hatred and spread peace in the world.

12. See-through the illusion

Illusion is sometimes called Moha. Moha comes in all shapes and sizes. Moha acts in a very subtle way even those who have conquered rage and desire become the victim of Moha. It takes great power and capacity to conquer Moha and go beyond that. The physical eye sees in the physical world while the eye of wisdom and moksha see the Moha and helps one go beyond it. The message of Buddha and his teachings helps us to see through illusions and Moha.

13. Every man is his own Saviour

We often think our Saviour is someone other than us, who has some extraordinary ability or the god himself. However, according to the message of Buddha every man is his own Saviour. It is only he who can help as well as save himself. Only he could walk himself in the path of rightness, only he can enlighten himself. He is the only one who can make himself see beyond the illusions and walk to the path of true peace.

14. Happiness comes from within

Happiness is a unique thing; all want it but only a few get it. Even the most wealthy, beautiful, and talented people are sometimes not able to be happy. Yes, at first happiness seems materialistic, however, after some time they realize it is not that. According to Lord Buddha happiness is not what is found outside but is the thing that is inside only to be found. The first key is the acceptance of yourself, no matter what condition you are in and what you are. Then you can take your first step towards happiness. 

To get real happiness, one can do the Vipassana meditation which is given by buddha. It is very scientific and it flourish the happiness within you and helps to know who are you.

15. Overthinking is the biggest cause of unhappiness

Overthinking is the cause of unhappiness was the message of Buddha to his followers and the entire world. Overthinking creates problems that were not there in the first place. When we overthink, we look at a thing from many points, and while doing that we also compare ourselves with others, with other’s achievements, and so on. When we compare ourselves with other-selves we already move towards the path of unhappiness. 

16. Karma

Karma is a broad field. Karma is our action, and our actions always need to be right and noble. Everybody has their karma in this world. The karma of the farmer is to do agriculture, the karma of the king is ruling the kingdom rightfully and protect it at all costs ensuring the wellbeing of the people living in it. The message of Buddha to the world regarding Karma is that everyone should follow their Karma with great enthusiasm and with the motive of doing good to others. 

17. The root of suffering is an attachment

In this life, we all are attached to someone or something. Our attachment defines us, it gives a clear picture of how we think, how are our thoughts, and so on. Yes, attachment is needed to run the world. Our attachment gives us a sense of duty, responsibility and moves us forward in our lives. However, when this attachment crosses a certain boundary is becomes the source of suffering and unhappiness. Be it material, people or anything else attachment to a high degree is harmful. The message of Buddha says to be away from such attachment.

18. Life is suffering

Life is suffering is the message of Buddha. It means that like happiness, joy is the part of life so is suffering. Suffering is inevitable in life. Everyone in this life from king to ordinary men tastes the dish of suffering. No one can avoid it, no one can run from it.

The only thing that matters is how one can handle suffering. Some get broken by it, some fall into the deep abyss of their consciousness while some get over and conquer it. Those who recognize it as part of life and accept it are the ones who are going to conquer suffering in life. Many things determine suffering in life and may arrive in many forms but how we hand is in our hands. 

19. Health is the greatest gift

Many consider their wealth, knowledge, or even their children to be their greatest gift in life. However, the message of Buddha to us says that before all achievement comes health, and health is the greatest gift given to us.

If one’s health is bad and is capable to even stand on his own what good all his wealth and luxury do to him. What good is all the knowledge in the world when one’s whole-body aches with the slight moment of his fingers? Therefore, health is the greatest gift to us, and we should cherish it. Health is considered a wonderful thing in the message of Buddha.

20. One can only purify oneself

Here we are not talking about other purity but are talking about the purity of thought, heart, and mind. The message of buddha regarding purity says that we should make our thoughts pure and noble. When we move on the purity after some time good thoughts and noble acts become our habits. Also, we have the power ourselves and the only ones to have that power. Nobody can walk in our place neither they can purify us. Yes, they may show us the way, but we are the only ones who can walk the path.