Mantra yoga in Nepal

Mantra yoga is a type of yoga that uses verbal mantras to awaken the Self and deepen the meditative aspects. This yoga is based on the science to engage our mind focusing on sound, duration, and number of repetitions. This yoga is also known as Japa yoga which is a Sanskrit word for the act of repeating mantras. Here, repetitions of mantras help us to get closer to divinity and creates positive vibrations for both the mantra reader and listener maintaining a peaceful environment around them.                      

Mantra yoga benefits us by neutralizing our rajas  (agitation) and tamas (inertia) which in turn will help us by moving our soul into a pure state of consciousness. Buddhists and Jain’s have embraced the mantra yoga in their religion to reach enlightenment.

In general, mantra yoga can be practiced in 3 ways: Bukhari, upanshu and manasic. Bukhari is a type of yoga where the mantra is chanted in a louder voice which helps to remove unwanted thoughts playing in our mind and makes the meditation process easier and successful. The next yoga, upanshu is all about chanting in a very low voice to maintain a peaceful environment. The third and last mantra yoga, manasic yoga is chanting the mantra silently to one’s self. Malas ( beads ) can be used as a prop for this method.

The mantras for mantra yoga were composed in Vedic Sanskrit in India, and are at least 3500 years old. They come in various forms like numbers, mathematically structured meters, and so on. Taking about mantra yoga in Nepal, Nepal has always been the best place to learn and practice yoga.  Nepal serves various packages to attract people for the mission ‘mantra yoga in Nepal ‘. Practicing yoga in the lap of the Himalayas is always a big dream for yoga lovers and Nepal is the best place for that.

Nepal has the finest mantra yoga teachers with the most alluring location and highly effective method of teaching. The teachers here are very experienced and dedicated. Mantra yoga in Nepal is the best and life-changing experience to be part of.

There are many yoga schools in Nepal where they offer mantra yoga. You can simply type your requirements in Google and it will show you the best yoga training center where you can choose according to your wish. Chautari yoga studio ( one situated in the beautiful hills of the Himalayas), ekam yoga shala, mantra yoga, and meditation school are some of the most renowned places for mantra yoga.

Nepal is known for its serenity and tranquility. Buddhists have made this place the ideal destination to attain enlightenment. Mantra yoga in Nepal is surely a cheery on the cake as you can both enjoy the world’s best yoga lessons and the natural environment around you. The courses of Nepal are designed for any kind of practitioner. Under the proper guidance of your teacher, you learn meditation technique and natural breath to concentrate and stay focused on something.

The meditation teachers here are very interactive and well-mannered whose training will provide you a lifetime of enlightenment.

Nepal in recent time, is brimming with meditation as well as yoga courses and institutions. Mantra yoga in Nepal is surely not a newly introduced topic but mantra yoga in Nepal has recently gained popularity. While you complete your yoga training, you will be handed a world first-class yoga certificate which will surely help you to work ahead in this field also.