Lord Ram, Hanuman and Ravana-Triangular relationship

Lord ram, hanuman and Ravana are the characters of the Hindu epic tale Ramayana. Ramayana is the story of god Ram, his hardship in life, his way of life and the victory of good over the evil.

Ramayana describes story of lord ram from his birth, battles, victories, and his reign. Besides god Ram Ramayana tells story of other characters like Hanuman, Luv, and Kush, Sugreev, Bivishan, Ravan etc.

Lord Ram

Lord Ram is the main protagonist of Ramayana. Ram is said to be seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu. He was born to king Dashrath and queen Kaushalya of Ayodhya. King Dashrath had four sons with three queens with Ram being the eldest. Bharat, Laxman and Shatrughan were the name of three brothers of Lord ram. God Ram married Sita, daughter of king Janak. His life was a life of a happy prince until he was exiled from his kingdom. Then the hardship of his life begun, which is written as Ramayana.

Hanuman- Rudra Avatar

Hanuman is said to be the 11th Rudra avatar of lord shiva. He is the son of Anjani and Kesari. Lord hanuman is the greatest Bhakt of Ram. Without lord hanuman God Ram’s battles would have been very hard.


Hanuman possessed various mysterious powers and was the owner of eight siddhis. With siddhis lord hanuman could fly, increase his size in celestial level and even reduce to the atomic level .Lord Hanuman killed many demons and performed the duty assigned by god Ram to him.

Ravan Kinga of Lanka

Ravan was the main antagonist of Ramayana. He abducted the wife Lord Ram which led to the battle between Ram and Ravan. Ravana was the ruler of Lanka and ruled over Rakshasa. He is the greatest devotee of Lord shiva and one of the strongest Rakshasa who ever lived. Ravan was undefeated even by the gods until lord Rama came. Ravans original name was Dashanna. Ravana was the name given to him by lord Shiva. Ravan had two brothers and one sister. He was the son of sage Vishrava and Kaikesi.

Lord Ram, Hanuman and Ravan are the major characters of the story. Their life journey, teachings and adventures are what makes Ramayana the epic.

Looking the epic more closely, they have triangular relationship with each other. The first thing is that whatever it maybe they complete each other, without one other they will not be what they are. Without such an antagonist, Lord Ram would not be the protagonist and the symbol of hope and courage that he is. Without Lord Hanumans and help of Vanars Lord Rama would have never found mother Sita in Lanka.

Taking aside the side of good and evil, and looking personally the characters. All of them are once in a universe individuals. Like lord Ram Ravan is also Bhakt of lord shiva and hanuman is Rudra avatar of Lord shiva. Many people may think Ravana as the scary demon who knows nothing but violence.

However, before all that power got into his head Ravana was the most perfect being there. He was considered the greatest genius to be there, known all the Vedas and was given the name Ravana by lord Shiva due to his impeccable music knowledge. Ravana had 10 heads and each head was knowledgeable enough to be one of the seven celestial sages.

They share triangular relationship with each other, one’s journey is incomplete without other, the evilness of Ravana is balanced by the Goodness of Lord ram. They acknowledged one other’s ability and strength. Their characters strives and achievements and tied so close and balances each other that it forms a triangle, different opposite but complete each other in some sort of way.

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