15 benefits of Kunjal Kriya

Kunjal kriya is one of the Vaman Dhauti techniques of sat karma in the yogic detox techniques. It is also called as Vamana dhuti in Sanskrit language. It is the process of purifying body through vomiting.

However, some people might find it weird that such a technique where body cleansing through vomiting even exists. But it is true as such method exists in yoga. We externally often clean our body, which is quite easy also. While water cleans body externally Kunjal kriya cleans the body internally.

It is an amazingly simple technique and unlike other techniques you do not have to twist your ankle and arms. The correct way to perform kunjal kriya is:

At first you must get ready some things

-Eight to ten glasses of lukewarm water
-per liter one table spoon Himalayan rock salt or normal salt

Now, the steps are simple all you need to do is continuously drink the salt mixed Luke warm water empty stomach to the point the body cannot take more. Sit in a comfortable position while doing so. When the water exceeds the limitation body will throw out the water through vomiting.

However, you got to the point where you cannot take more but still unable to vomit then use your index and middle finger. The sides of the throat should be gently massaged through both fingers. But one must be careful not to scratch gentle internal throat area with nails. After this your body will throw the water out of your stomach.

It is not just vomiting, it has many benefits and good impact on the body.

Following are the benefits of kunjal kriya

  • Kunjal kriya gives effective reboot to the digestive system. When the intestinal juices are ousted completely the body is forced to start secretion of the fluids again.
  • The main benefit of this kriya is that it improves the digestion efficiency of the individual practicing it.
  • When body produces excess intestinal digestion fluids acidity occurs. Thus, this kriya also aids on getting acidity in control.
  • Kunjal kriya is also known to help those with excessive mucus. It removes excessive mucus from the esophagus.
  • This technique is also suggested by the yoga instructors to get balance to the body if peoples are not feeling balanced and themselves.
  • It is also said that it reduces the chance of kidney stones.
  • Kunjal kriya also reenergizes the nervous system. Thus, improving the overall function of the body.
  • The muscles of the abdomen are also known to be strengthened by the time to time use of the kunjal kriya.
  • Anorexia is also get ridden by the balanced use of the kunjal kriya.
  • It is said that sore throat is also relieved using kunjal kriya.
  • If done as instructed by the instructor and using cautions the kriya it also helps with the gas problems in intestine.
  • Kunjal kriya improves the blood flow and good muscle movement from mouth to all the way to the stomach.
  • The salt water injected during the beginning of the kunjal kriya aides to neutralize the acid in the stomach. salt water is basic in natures.
  • Asthma, headache, Indigestion is also relived using kunjal kriya.
  • Kunjal kriya also helps to get rid of the bad breath as well as to get weight in control.

The precaution needs to be followed during kunjal kriya are as follows

  • Kunjal kriya needs to be done in empty stomach best to be done in morning time.
  • Patients with hernia, heart problems ulcers are not allowed to perform it.
  • Before inserting fingers into the mouth, one should cut his/her nail as it could cut the internal muscle of the neck region.
  • After the kunjal kriya mouth, hand and nose region must be cleaned thoroughly.
  • Avoid eating after the performance of kunjal kriya for some time.
  • Severely young below 14, old above 45, or ill person should not perform it.
  • It is not advised to perform it daily or one should consult with their instructor how often to perform it.

As it may have some of its precautions and restrictions to some disease and age factor, it still proves to be a boon for other peoples. When we see from another perspective it is a free, easy to do technique that provides one relief from numerous health conditions and some diseases.

All you need is lukewarm water and salt which all of us have easy excess in day to day lives the condition if we try to solve through medications or other products could take a serious share of our economy. It heals your body from past wounds as well as strengthens your body so that it can endure in the future.

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