15 tips on how to clean yoga mat

Cleaning any equipment is very important to increase the longevity and help the equipment work pretty well in the end. Yoga mat becomes dirty if you use it for a longer period without cleaning them. While you practice yoga at the yoga center or yoga studio you do not need to clean the mat in the studio whereas you need to clean mat by yourself at home. If you are worried and do not know much about how to clean the yoga mat at home, then no need to worry. We have compiled everything you need to know to disinfect the yoga mats.

  • It is necessary to clean the mat used by hot yoga or Bikram yoga practitioners too often or after every yoga session.
  • Those practitioners who have high sweating frequency should know how to clean yoga mat on a regular basis, the sweatier the mat, the dirtier it gets.
  • Those yoga practitioners who practice at home and do not sweat much can clean the yoga mat in the few days interval
  • It is usually recommended to use the organic yoga mat spray to the mats. There are many yoga sprays available out there in the market.
  • For those who love home remedies on how to clean the yoga mat, it is even easier to prepare the natural cleaner. The natural yoga mat spray can be prepared using 1 part of vinegar to the 3 parts water in a spray bottle with 5 to 10 drops of your favorite antimicrobial essential oil for example eucalyptus can be useful or use of tea is also handy.
  • Sometimes wiping out the mat is not always useful. It is sometimes prudent to take the mat to the bathtub in a bid for deep cleaning. Wiping out is handy if we want to take away the stuff from the surface only, however, there are some stains that do not easily go out, in such a case stubborn areas can be wiped out using rubber in a bathtub using hot or lukewarm water.
  • There is also an easy way on how to clean yoga mat in the cleaner for a longer period of time. For that you need to keep your hands and feet’s clean. Before entering into the mat you must first, clean your hands and feet repeatedly. It only takes a few minutes to obliterate the waste from your legs and hands. Likewise, there are many convenient ways to clean, for instance, the use of travel wipes is recommended.
  • Before using the mat after washing the mat, it is often recommended to let the mat completely dry first. It does not matter whether you thoroughly washed or you cleaned using the spray. It is always recommended to leave it lying flat for some time.
  • The mat also should not be rolled for a longer period because the shape of the mat might be distorted.
  • There are a lot of options to buy a mat. There are also some antimicrobial mats, which are eco-friendly and works to absorb the sweats of yoga practitioners. The anti-microbial mats help to make the mat much cleaner and free from noisome smell.
  • The frequency of the cleaning mat is contingent upon the technique you use to do the workout on the mat. Other factors are the surrounding environment, it does not matter how dirty or clean it is however, depends on the intensity of the practice in the mat.
  • If you use the mat with care, the longevity of the mat increases.
  • It is recommended not to use much soap water to clean the mat. A thin and slippery film is developed on the surface of the mat by using excessive soap, likewise, increases the odds of being injured.
  • In a bid to remove the foul smell from the mat, it is usually recommended to dry the mat in clean air on a regular basis.
  • Use both sides of the mat and follow all the protocols religiously to get the benefits

Hope These tips on how to clean yoga mat and keep your mat healthy tips is useful. For further knowledge on yoga and health-related things, click here to see our blog posts/

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