Hot Yoga Workout- What is Good, What’s Bad?

In recent years, hot yoga has become the trendiest exercise that is most widely used. It offers the same benefits as traditional yoga, for instance, bringing flexibility, stress reduction, or improved strength. However, It can give your lungs, heart, or muscles a more intense workout.

Have you known about hot yoga? It means that you attend the session of yoga in a heated room that is above the average room temperature. The room heat will be set according to the yoga instructor, usually between 80 and 100°F. In the hot yoga session, different varieties of poses are included that vary from studio to studio.

What’s Useful is Hot Yoga?

Hot yoga aims to improve physical fitness or provide full relaxation of the mind. It’s become the more challenging task when you work out in the heated environment, as it has the most worth benefits. Before you consider about this yoga, check out its useful facts about it:

1. Enhance the flexibility

When your body warm-up, it can stretch more than cold temperature because heat warms up your muscles. The heat stretches your body and allows you to achieve a vast range of motion.

2. Burn more calories

With traditional yoga, a person that has 160 pounds can quickly burn 183 calories. However, when a person considers a hot yoga session, he will probably burn more calories. This yoga session is not like a Bikram session, but it can burn more calories than traditional yoga.

3. Develop bone density

When you support your weight at the time of yoga; as a result, every pose will build bone density. It is specifically crucial for premenopausal women or older adults, as the density level of bone declines according to age factor.

4.     Best cardio exercise

 Hot yoga is quite suitable for your heart, as you are practicing yoga under extreme heat. In the yoga session, a person can estimate to burn 10,000 calories even if your body continues to burn calories when you finish yoga.

 5. Clean your skin complexion

Hot yoga sessions are done in the hot temperature, and when you participate in yoga, the room temperature makes you sweat effortlessly. The body eliminates toxins through the pores due to sweating that clean your skin and prevent rashes or infections.

6. Fight arthritis

After 2 or 3 sessions, you will get the incredible results that ultimately you notice when you participate in hot Yoga. Additionally, yoga helps fight against arthritis, and if you leave it, the pain will return after a few days when you give up. 

7. Control your emotions

Hot yoga helps you to know yourself and feel what is happening around you. So it helps you make better decisions and helps control your emotions quickly and have a better life overall.


What’s Bad in Hot Yoga?

Time-consuming: the hot yoga session lasts for about 90 minutes that means you need a big chunk out from your day. The drawback is, after completing the workout, you need to take a shower before going anywhere.

1. Possibilities of internal injuries

Don’t push yourself too hard. Otherwise, there is a chance of deep stretches during a workout. There is a high risk of tearing a ligament if you will force yourself to do chubby poses.

2. Dehydrate you more

It is precious advice to drink plenty of water before you start the hot yoga session; the recommendation is to drink two to three glasses. Remember, don’t drink too much water because through this, you will feel uncomfortable.

3. Overwhelming heat

 the hot yoga makes you nauseous; in the start, you will feel sick or dizzy because heat can be overwhelming. In case this situation happens, then leave a workout and go outside until you feel better. Please don’t push yourself too much in the activity; it does nothing then feeling worse.

 Wrapping up

Hot Yoga is different from traditional yoga; in which you need to focus more. In the start, you might feel difficulties in the workout; after that, you will be used to it. The heatstroke symptoms include profuse sweating, thirst, headache, dizziness, weakness, muscle cramps, or vomiting. Therefore, as soon as you feel at least one of these symptoms while practicing hot yoga, leave everything for and take rest. 


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