Cosmic yoga for kids

An actor cum yogi of Cosmic Kids Yoga is ruling the YouTube followers. She is attired in a blue onesie, which is the best choice for a yoga guru to attract attention, though white or yellow is preferred by yogis. The YouTube sensation whose channel has become an indispensable part of the parents who have small children mostly lucidly narrates the yoga classes, which could not be easy, shun off even by the most anxious kids. Many practitioners claim that her way of narrating the yoga class is like saying well-plotted stories in movies like “Star Wars” or “Game of Thrones”, which ignites the curiosity of what she will going to do. 

Just like any other yogis whose age is hard to tell. Because most of the yogis’ gurus look younger than their age. The 40-year old yoga master looks younger than her age. She had very few subscribers during the early day of her YouTube career, however after lockdown, her YouTube channel has gleaned as many 928K subscribers, 72 thousand more to hit the 1 million mark. Her first video surfaced on the internet in 2012 A.D. However, they were not much popular and she had not much follower at that time, all thanks to lockdown her YouTube channel is a sensational hit. The total number of views she has gleaned has crossed 186,323,456 views and its increasing daily. 

How did Cosmic yoga for kids start?

Ms. Amor was among the fortunate kids, her parents taught her aerobics. The lesson learned during her childhood became the life lesson and her along with her two staffs along with her encouraging husband Martin Amor run the program. The journey of her yoga teaching begun around 2010 when she first started teaching simple yet important and handy yoga lessons to children near her house in Thames, UK. Soon she kicked off videotaping the yoga and started uploading in her YouTube channel in 2012 A.D. This is how Cosmic yoga started. 

The way she has burgeoned in the last couple of months, it is evident that she will hit millions of followers in the upcoming days. Right now, most of the followers are based in the English speaking country, the places hit hard by the corona as most of the parents, and kids are locked inside their home. 


Stars of the shows

She is the lone star of the show, except a few instances where she introduces her cockapoo Mini, which role is to observe the yoga and nothing more. Likewise, her labradoodle Spence is also getting some hits these days. The actor by profession had tried many jobs or roles in the theatre, likewise in the TV also, however, she could not be a theatre sensational that could meet her desire. The job was only to fulfill her day-to-day needs by making some dimes. 

Her lucid and attractive way of teaching sprung from the entertainment she used to do for kids. In the past also she used the funny dress of pirates, fairy, and princess to attract them and recite stories of princesses, games, and magic, which kids love to hear. That’s why it is a cup of tea for her to narrate any sorts of stories to kids which she experimented in the Yoga shows that led her to become a YouTube sensation. 

Benefits of Cosmic Yoga for kids

There are many benefits of yoga and cosmic yoga, which is also based on the core philosophy of yoga, is no different. The fun stories help to attract kids. The whole session starts with laughter and ends with the same. Kids learn compassion, become resilient, the stress in kids is reduced due to fun activities involved in the show. Likewise, a seed of yoga is sown by watching the video as kids learn yoga during their childhood, which becomes an indispensable part of many in the days to come. 

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