Nepal yoga teacher training and retreat center gives you the opportunity to wonderful Ayurveda class to make you relaxed physically and mentally and keep you healthy all the time. Ayurveda class provides the knowledge to increase your stamina in your body which can prevent you from many diseases in your life. Ayurveda class realizes you the importance of health and happiness in your life. Ayurveda is a part of ancient eastern knowledge, the Veda. Ayurveda comes from Atharva Veda where we can find many treatment systems. Ayurveda can protect us from many diseases in our life and inspire us to live a healthy lifestyle.

Ayurveda is the science of human medicine which has been practiced from more than 5,000 years ago in Nepal and India. It was invented by great sages. Ayurveda can eliminate the toxins in our body and help us to remain healthy. Ayurveda has two ways of healing one is to prevent us from the diseases and another is to cure our diseases. Ayurveda is the best healing technique for the chronic diseases. Where the medical science fails to heal the diseases, there can be the hope of Ayurveda. Nepal yoga teacher training and retreat center enables you to understand every aspect of Ayurveda.

Sushruta Samhita is the main scripture of Ayurveda. Sushruta was the name of a great yogi who was the son of great sage Vishvamitra according to Mahabharat, the great epic of Hindu philosophy. Sushruta was the father of Ayurvedic surgery. Sushruta Samhita is the book written by Sushruta which includes 184 chapters. He gives the detailed explanation of Ayurveda in the book. He describes 1,120 sicknesses in the human body. He gives the remedies of the diseases by 700 medicinal plants.

Ayurveda in Nepal

The meaning of Ayur is life and Veda is knowledge or science so the meaning of Ayurveda is the knowledge or the science of life. In Ayurveda class, the power of mind in healing is emphasized because the mind has the main role to heal the diseases. Ayurveda class focuses on balancing life to be free from the diseases. Ayurveda includes many ways to heal the diseases. Yoga, pranayama, meditation, herbs, special diets and other different health practices also the part of Ayurveda class.

Ayurveda is the traditional medicine system of Nepal. Being rich in medicinal herbal, Nepal has the great possibility to be the best spot for Ayurveda in the world. Now, the knowledge of Ayurveda is emerging in all over the world. The study of Ayurveda becomes great scope. Nepal yoga teacher training and retreat center can add your happiness by enabling you to stay healthy life by Ayurveda class.

In the Himalayan part of Nepal, we can find rare herbs which are useful for many diseases. In the present context, there has been starting Ayurveda detox as a mainstream healing system. We can find that Ayurveda can heal many diseases which are incurable from allopathic medicine. Allopathic medicine has many side effects but Ayurveda doesn’t have such kind of side effects. Ayurveda focuses to heal the reason of the disease not the symptoms of the diseases. So, the healing of Ayurveda is very effective.

Ayurveda class focuses on healthy living, prevention of diseases and immune system enhancement. It is the science which saves you from the danger of the fearful diseases. If we follow some of the healthy lifestyle in our life, we will be secured by the coming threat of the diseases in our life. Ayurveda class tries to convince you that there is the way for the healthy life. So, Nepal yoga teacher training and retreat center is giving you the chance to learn about Ayurveda in the land of herbs.

It provides you with the complete package of Ayurveda class which can harmonize the body, mind, and spirit and keep you totally healthy. Here, an experienced Ayurvedic practitioners guide you with the full Ayurvedic activities like herbal medicine, diet, yoga, pranayama, meditation etc. Ayurveda is connected with every aspect of the eastern healing system.

According to Ayurveda the main reason for the diseases in our body is the blockage of the body. The blockage in specific part of our body invites the related diseases in our body. If we can heal the reason for the diseases, we can be free from the diseases. Our Ayurveda class focuses on removing blockages of the body which are responsible for the diseases. We can prevent us from the future diseases by removing the blockages of our body.

There are three types of life forces according to Ayurveda which are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. We have all three forces in our body but one of them can be a dominant force. We have to balance all three forces to be healthy. We want to offer the chance to have a different experience of completeness of life by Ayurveda class. Our real effort is to promote complete health to the people. People are suffering from different diseases all over the world. Some are suffering from physical and some are suffering from mental diseases.

The real healer of the diseases is inside us. We have to activate the inner power to heal the diseases to get the true health. Nepal yoga teacher training and retreat center helps you to find your inner health power and activate that power. Ayurveda class in Nepal yoga teacher training and retreat training center can be the great achievement in your life because the Ayurveda class gives you the precious gift of health in your life.

‘Health is wealth’ is a saying among the people because healthy life is the dream of every human being. We cannot be happy without being healthy so the first requirement for happy life is sound health. Ayurveda can be your means for your healthy and happy life. Nepal yoga teacher training and retreat center motivates you to stay happy in your life by providing you Ayurveda class.

Nepal is the country where Ayurveda has been practicing from ancient time. Now, Ayurveda becomes worldwide. The original place of Ayurveda is good for Ayurveda class so Nepal yoga teacher training and retreat center wants to revive the ancient knowledge for your complete health in Nepal.