Introduction to Aerial Yoga Retreat

In a bid to understand the term ‘Aerial Yoga Retreat’, first, we must understand the fact that a Yoga Retreat is different from a Yoga Holiday. A yoga holiday is a mere vacation with yoga classes available where you might opt to take part in as many as you want.

On the other hand, a retreat has a more specific program schedule built around yoga and you are supposed to participate in most sessions. A yoga retreat is an undisturbed vacation experience that is so much more than just a vacation. 

It is a detachment from the hectic and monotonous life. It lets you get started on a wellness journey that aims at the holistic upliftment of the body, mind, and soul through yogic philosophy.

A typical yoga retreat offers a combination of yoga and meditation practice, yogic therapies, mindfulness activities, some retreat includes Ayurveda classes and wholesome foods that complement the yogic lifestyle. Yoga retreats aim at instilling healthy habits in terms of food and other lifestyle choices. 

Usually, yoga retreats are located in undisturbed and secluded spots. They help you in digital detoxification and connect you with Nature. Another interesting opportunity that yoga retreats offer is that you get to meet new people from across the world and learn new things, share their take on yoga and wellness.

You also get the chance to visit new places, explore hidden locations, and learn about their rich cultures. Yoga retreats have a wide range. Some keep it simple and stick to the authentic form of yoga practice and wellness, while some others offer a luxurious range of services like spa and massage treatments, custom-made menus on request, adventure activities, etc.

Now, this takes us to the more important topic ‘Aerial Yoga Retreat’. Aerial yoga is a mind-body movement class that uses a fabric hammock, called an aerial yoga hammock, to improve traditional yoga poses. Using the aerial hammock, students are able to explore inversions and aerial acrobatics, skills that help you to increase your upper body strength and achieve proper alignment of your body.

What better way to have fun while trying out a new form of yoga and get that delicious stretching in the hips, shoulders, spine, core, and everything in between. If you have always-wanted flexibility in your life but your rock-hard body fails, you every time, it is time for you to join Aerial Yoga retreat Classes and get what you have always desired. 


Importance of Yoga Retreat

 A yoga retreat can heal both your mental and physical health. Going on retreat can change your life, and help you to deal with any emotional and mental issues you may be having. It can also be healing for your body if you have experienced an injury.

Furthermore, it helps you to disconnect from the technology and your monotonous life and enables you to connect with nature. It helps you solve problems like overthinking and anxiety. Similarly, it allows you to surround yourself with positive vibes and energy. 


Why Aerial Yoga Retreat

Aerial Yoga Retreat can do wonders for you and your body if you follow it with all your heart. The importance of Aerial Yoga Retreat can be best described by dividing it into two different parts – The importance of Yoga Retreat and the Importance of Aerial Yoga. 


Importance of Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga helps you increase your flexibility and cure your back pain. With aerial yoga, you can perform many inversion poses that you could not earlier. You learn some new body skills when you are suspended against gravity, and your stretches are more effective and non-restrictive.

Not only this, but Aerial yoga also cleanses your system and improves the internal body’s functioning by improving the functioning of the circulatory, respiratory, and digestive systems. When the body’s functions are regulated, the mental abilities are boosted, the mind is relaxed, and the skin is nourished. It is a win-win situation overall.


Prospects in Nepal

Nepal is the place to be especially if you are a yoga enthusiast. By choosing to come here, you will allow yourself to enjoy the sights you will never find anywhere else. Nepal is the ideal location where you can fully and effectively achieve all the benefits of a Yoga Retreat.

Nepal is full of serene and secluded locations and you cannot connect with nature anywhere else as you can do in Nepal. It is a perfect place to switch off from your hectic life and enjoy the heavenly beauty. 

In addition, if you are searching for a perfect Aerial Yoga Retreat in Nepal, look no more. We provide 2 hours of Aerial Yoga Classes every day, plus two additional classes in Hatha Yoga and Meditation/Breathing. Moreover, we are well renowned for our fooding and accommodation facilities as well.

We provide the true and living essence of Yoga to our students from around the globe, and we are here to support you in your path. We invite you to participate in this wonderful journey and enjoy the true beauty of Yoga Retreat, here in Nepal.