How to purify your Aura | 8 Aura Purification Method

Aura is the subtle body that is present in all of us. It is present not just in humans but in all kinds of living beings. Even the small animals and insects have a life aura within them. These energies are directly connected with the body, the mindset, and even the thoughts of the individual. They are responsible for keeping the body healthy and active. Sometimes various things affect the Aura of an individual.

They may be the lifestyle of the individual, or somethings sometimes they may get disturbed. However, there is no reason to worry as there are several ways to cleanse the aura and balance the body. There are many aura purification ways that one can do to purify the aura.

Some of the best aura purification ways are as follows:

Carrying crystals

Crystals are believed to have possessed special energy from long ago. There are various kinds of crystals in the world and various healing systems use various crystals to heal the body. People tend to wear crystals as jewelry in various ornaments or keep them in the living room, offices, or similar places to keep their aura balanced. There are various energy around us, there are some positive energies and some negative energy. These crystals can absorb negative energy and some even give positive energy. Amethyst, Lepidolite, moonstone are some of the stones that are popularly used to balance the auras.


Meditation is one of the oldest ways to balance and heal the body. These techniques were long used by the sages to concentrate their energies and even enhance their spirituality to achieve what they desire. Those sages used to meditate for months and even years to achieve their goals. However, to aura purification one does not have to meditate like that and even meditating for few minutes in a day is enough for aura purification. 

Surrounding and environment

Aura is also affected by the environment and there is a significant role of surrounding and environment in aura purification also. When one lives in an untidy environment, bad surroundings or lives in surroundings that affect their psychology in a negative way it can disturb their aura. So clean and tidy your environment, even fill out the surroundings with the things you love. Even if it may not be possible for a large space and environment one can keep filling their room with the things that they like, and which give them mental and spiritual peace. 

Aura purification bath

Even a normal bath is very good to balance various elements in the body. Bath can rejuvenate the body in various ways. However, an aura purification bath is even better than a normal bath. But what is an aura purification bath and how is it different from a normal bath? An aura purification bath is where various essential oils, herbs, salts are used for healing in various ways. First one fills the bathtub with water and then adds various essential oils, herbs and ingredients to the tub and then gets immersed in it to begin the healing process. 

Chanting mantra

Mantra chanting is also used for aura purification. By chanting mantras, one uses the way of sound and vibration for aura purification. Sound and vibration are some of the fundamental energies of the universe, they are present everywhere not just on the earth. There are various kinds of mantras that produce various kinds of sounds. Our auras also respond to the sounds of chanting. Various vibrations and sounds produced through there can heal and restore the aura itself.

Be close to nature

We get everything from nature. It provides us with a place to stay, things to eat, and all of the things we use, or need are more or less taken from nature. Aside from all thing’s nature is, it is also the best healer there is. For aura purification try to be closer to nature and also one can take long walks and journey to the destination which is closer to nature and has natural ingredients that purify the aura.


Yoga is one of the ancient practices that heal the body in various ways. Yoga not only heals the physical self but also the mental and spiritual self. Many people practice yoga because they know that it will make them physically more fit, but they have not yet explored its mental and spiritual dimensions. Right yoga practices can be even used for aura purification and even be extended beyond that. When yoga is practiced daily it will heal if one has disturbed aura and even make it brighter and stronger than it was before originally in the first place.

Herbal teas and herbs

Herbs are one of the most efficient aspects of Ayurveda. Even the original system of healing and medication was based on herbs and plants. One can try our various herbs and also various herbal teas for aura purification. Ginger tea, green tea, turmeric tea, basil tea, chamomile tea are some of the herbal teas that help very much in aura purification.