10 Less Popular Meditation Techniques which people practice rarely

Despite the hype, meditation is getting nowadays; there is much criticism that has been labeled against meditation as being coercive, top-down, heavy-handed, and not impartial. There are various types of mediation are available to disputants who are seeking meditation for an effective resolution to their conflict. In this article we will discuss about 10 less popular meditation techniques.

Among various types of meditation, some may fit people’s expectations and some may not. So a label of popular and less popular is stamped in the meditation. Some might be popular, while other are less popular meditation styles. There are so many types of meditation that can be an effective alternative to have a court battle but they are not recommended and practiced, as they are not getting hype.

Besides, this is the reason why they are not getting good results from their meditation. Practicing the wrong kind of meditation judging it only based on hype. Therefore, this makes meditation feels like doing chores. So choosing the right form of meditation by having research and experiment in meditation will give us very fruitful results.


Here are some of the less popular mediation styles:

1. Anahata meditation a less popular Meditation

The Anahata meditation is all about getting touch with the manifestation of self by exploring the heart chakra. Just like other type of meditation, you begin with breathing deeply through your nose without any separation between inhalation and exhalation, and you start feeling yourself. The core teaching of Anahata is supremely one. You do not need to repent for what you have ever lived. Everything is filled with love, peace and harmony.


2. Mindless meditation

Mindless meditation is the simple act of not paying any sorts of attention and not noticing anything around us. When you are being mindless, you are not noticing anything around us. The mind becomes completely blank. We focus on zero and nothing more. Very few people know about this so it is also a less popular meditation.

3. Heartful meditation

Heartful meditation is all about using “will power” to achieve the unachievable. The visualization used in the meditation process aids to purge out the complexities and impurities from the mind, body and soul. Furthermore, the powerful visualization is carried out to make oneself stronger by imagining the powerful source entering into our soul making the practitioners physically and emotionally strong. It is also categorized as a less popular meditation since fewer people practice this method of meditation.


4. Soulful meditation

The meditation practice that helps you to activate the soul and enrich you with the positive energy is called soulful meditation. Being soulful aids you to be in the present moment and helps to cope up with the harder times with much ease and comfort. The practitioners share that they see beyond what the normal eyes could not see, i.e. the third eyes are opened and you go beyond the physicality.


5. Loving and kindness meditation

By practicing loving and kindness meditation one becomes loveful and kindful but it belongs to one of the less popular meditation technique. Being loveful and kindful is what the world needs right now. One can see the harmony, peace and bliss surrounding them by practicing loving and kindness meditation. It is said that you do not seek much from others, but want to give to others by practicing loving and kindness meditation.


6. Zen meditation

Zen meditation is an ancient meditation practice. It is among the meditation practice that helps you to gain the insights of how the mind works, how to make the mind calm in the worst-case scenario, how to tame the mind etc. Zen meditation reveals the distinctive transparency and workability of the mind.


7. So-ham meditation a very less popular meditation

So-ham meditation is the ancient form of meditation, which is also known as Hamsa, Hansa and So Hum meditation. The Sanskrit meaning of So-ham is to identify thyself with the universe or the ultimate reality. So-ham can be divided into two parts—Sooo which refers to the sound and Hum, means exhalation.


8. Reborn meditation a Less Popular Meditation Styles

Reborn is a guided meditation where you will be able to experience the state before you were born. Your imagination will take back to the womb and aids you to experience the state before you born. You will be able to feel the deep relaxation and will be able to access the subconscious memories and relive the past precious moments.


9. Past life meditation

By practicing past life regression guided meditation you will be able to dig deep into your past life. The deep practice of the past life meditation allows you to remember everything about the past in detail. Many practitioners have compared and contrasted about the past life with the present by practicing past life meditation. Every events that are jotted down will be useful to find about your past memories.


10. Nobody Meditation

My body is being void, whole of my body is being hollow. Whole-body is dissolving in light or air. Whole-body is dissolving in energy this kind of feeling should grow till the body doesn’t dissolve in void. State of Sunya (void)

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