Overview- Yoga and Cancer Disease

Yoga is the medium to open the blockages in our body. Blockages can create many diseases in our body. Cancer is also a disease which is incurable by medical science. Cancer can multiply the viruses very secretly in our body. The medicine cannot control the symptoms of cancer.

Nowadays the first and second stages of cancer can be healed by chemotherapy but there is no certainty in the recovery. Positivity plays a role to heal cancer. Our attitude should be pro-active. Yoga plays the role to be positive and to bring the oxygen every cell of our body which is very beneficial for cancer.

Cancer is the disease which is defined one of the fatal diseases. In the cancer disease, the cells are divided unnecessarily so they form tumors in our body. Some tumors are solid and some are in liquid form. The first factor we have to understand is that yoga can prevent cancer if we do it regularly in our life.

The second factor is that yoga can minimize the rate of spread of cancer cells in our body. Yoga can be very effective to make it less harmful to the cancer patient. If we continue our treatment in the hospital with regular yoga, pranayama, and meditation, the rate of curing cancer increases.

We can find many cases of curing cancer by yogic lifestyle. The yogic way of living can be the best choice of the people, who are suffering from cancer. In a yogic way, there are many factors i.e. food, thinking, behaving, watching, talking, seeing and many more.

If we change our perception, we can be healed. Spiritual philosophy can also play the role to be cured of cancer. Only one way is not enough for the cancer patient to be healed. They should apply the holistic way of healing. They should work in many dimensions.

We have to make a complete package to heal our cancer. We have to drink the juice of wheatgrass and eat organic food as possible as we can. The natural way of living is very effective part of healing.

How yoga play the role to cure cancer?

1.      By reducing the stress

It is very common to be in stress after cancer attacks us. Yoga is helpful to reduce the stress of the disease we have. Yoga teaches us that this body is not our real self. We are different from our body. If we can take our body as a separate part of the self, our stress converts into the joy. Yoga is the best remedy for any type of stress and discomfort and any of mental restlessness.

2.      By reducing the weakness of the body

Yoga can help us to be strong from inside. When cancer attacks our body, we feel very weak and cannot work hard and for a longer period of time. Yoga gives us vitality and strength to cope with cancer. If we feel physically strong, we can maintain our mental state.

3.      By improving sleep

Cancer is the disease which is considered as a fatal disease so people think so much about it and take unnecessary stress in their mind and they lose their sleeping capacity. Yoga is a very good healer of insomnia. Yoga definitely improves our sleeping and makes us strong from our inside.

4.      By making us physically strong

Cancer is the disease which can make our body weak. When our body becomes weak, we start to lose our hope to survive. Yoga is the best way to bring our inner power naturally. Yoga can give us the new strength in our body. The strong body can be the source of mental strength.

Mental strength leads us to a positive attitude. A positive attitude leads us to a healthy body. We have to accept ourselves after suffering from cancer. We have to accept our life with cancer and then we can work to be free from cancer. We have to search the way to be rid of from the disease from which we are suffering.

There are many alternative ways to heal cancer and we can find many examples in the world of curing by cancer. If we analyze deeply being free from everything, we surely find the way. Our attitude should be changed for the first time. Sometimes the most beautiful gift can be hidden in the form of misfortune.

Relation of yoga and cancer disease

Yoga is not the medicine for cancer but yoga can be the way of getting rid of cancer. Here, yoga is the border aspect of our life. Yoga is not only the poses, pranayama, and meditation but also full of philosophy.

Yoga is helpful to make strong our body. Yoga increases the immune system. The immune system is the main factor to heal any disease. If our immune power becomes strong than the virus of the disease, the disease can be healed from our body.

Yoga is the way of being strong by mentally. Yoga increases the self-esteem and self-motivation to heal the disease. The half of the part of the disease is related to our psychology. If our psychology becomes strong, our body can create a lot of immune cells in the blood. The immune cells can fight with the multiple cells of cancer.

By relaxing the body, yoga helps our body in many ways. The meditation is the best way to heal all the diseases. Meditation maintains the balance of our body and keeps the harmony between our body and mind. Yoga by its meaning is to join the self with the higher self. The universe has its healing power. If we can connect with the source of the higher self, we can surely be healed.

What Yoga do for Cancer disease?

Yoga widens our range of knowledge of the existence and many other philosophies of life. Our concern goes to a higher level. We don’t become worried about our illness only. Our aim doesn’t remain in a limited area. We can cross the limitation of our life. We can be free from the attachment of life and other relevant subjects.

We can visit many countries with full of joy. We can be the ruler of our life. We can think that cancer is the bliss of our life because we can experience many aspects of our life which wouldn’t be able to experience without being the victim of cancer.

Really, we are not the victim of cancer; we are the owner of our health. Health is received by the yogic way of living. Yoga gives the greatest goal in our life to make it meaningful by doing something different in this world.

We can make our life meaningful by helping people who are in need. We can help the people to live with the knowledge of real life, knowledge of the whole universe and much more about nature. We can convert our curse into the bliss by applying yoga in our life.

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