The subconscious mind is the storage of memories and experiences. When we speak of most complex machines out there, we normally think of rockets and fancy cars. We don’t even consider that the human brain is the most astonishing feats of nature. For starters, it takes about 80,000 processors to perform 1 second of human brain function. Now we know that the human mind is a complex structure. What makes it more intriguing is that it is classified into aspects like the subconscious mind.

Let’s spend some time learning about the many-many mysteries of the human brain and simultaneously, learn to gain maximum output.

Types of Consciousness

Many psychologists have classified the human consciousness state into 3 types. They are:


1. Conscious mind

The conscious mind is the mind’s current situation. It is what you are thinking, feeling, and sensing currently. Sigmund Freud, in his psychoanalytic theory of personality, states that the conscious mind comprises everything within our awareness. Imagine your loved one. You’re thinking about him/her now, that’s your conscious mind in motion. 

The conscious mind can hold only one thought at a time and it also deals with objectivity. The major functions it performs are:

  • Identifying incoming information
  • Performs comparisons
  • Deciding the best alternative
  • Accepting the decision


2. Subconscious mind

The subconscious mind is a huge data bank where you store your memories and experiences. The language that you speak, the car you learned to drive, and the swimming you learned, are all in your subconscious. Let’s look at it this way. When you were first learning to drive, your 100% concentration was on it. There, your conscious mind was in motion.

As time progressed, you don’t need to concentrate that much to drive. Later, you can drive and use a cellphone simultaneously. The driving skill has been saved in your subconscious mind allowing your conscious mind to be free. Your conscious mind is the gardener and your subconscious is your garden. You can decide what you want to grow but once you plant the seed, you cannot change what it will grow into. 


3. Unconscious mind

The unconscious mind is different from the conscious and subconscious mind. Sigmund Freud believed that there are emotions that don’t exist in the conscious mind but are capable of influencing our behavior. Such emotions expressed through behavior include hidden memories, painful feelings, desires, and actions. 

The unconscious mind harbors thoughts and feelings that the conscious mind deems irrational. The feelings in the unconscious mind are useful in treating psychological distress.


How The Mind Works

After reading the above sections, you might have a brief understanding of human consciousness. It does not take a brain surgeon to understand the basic details of how the mind operates. Imagine your brain as the hardware and your mind as the software. The conscious mind makes up about 10% of the brain’s capacity while the rest is the unconscious and subconscious mind. 

The conscious mind is the processor whereas the subconscious mind is the memory bank. The conscious is linked with the subconscious in immeasurable ways. During dangerous situations, your subconscious kicks in to save you. If you want to make changes in your subconscious, then you should practice it daily. Depending on what you choose to practice, your subconscious can help you greatly.


How To Use The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind can either be your greatest weapon or your biggest misfortune. Here are some ways to harness the power of the subconscious mind:

  • Make a specific request to your subconscious mind before sleeping.
  • You need to feed the subconscious mind with positive thoughts and energy.
  • Try to solve any dangling problems and issues as it might affect the subconscious mind if left untreated.
  • Try to fill your find with positive outcomes of any expected problem


How To Program The Subconscious Mind

Let’s have a short look at how to program the subconscious mind and achieve our objective.

  • Be clear about your objective
  • Identify the subconscious pattern that affects your performance
  • Apply the corrective patterns before you go to sleep

You can use an audiotape or talk with yourself to bring out the change in you.

Also, there is a strong relationship between food and mind, our thinking pattern and mind, our regular habit and mind. We can make our mind strong by improving all these 3 things in our life.


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