15 Stress Management Techniques

Before reading this part 2 of stress management techniques, please read the 1st part which also suggests the 15 effective techniques of stress management part -1. We are breaking the stress management process in two-part ( part 1 and part 2). Altogether, here are 30 techniques to manage the stress which is enough for you to remove your stress.

You can either run from it, or you can stand up to it. Stress is a common phenomenon in our daily lives and it is crucial to keep it in check. You might be familiar with people bursting out or acting in rage. That person can be you if you don’t have proper control over your stress. So, let’s take a look at some stress management techniques that you can use to prevent such incidents from occurring.

stress management techniques-how to manage stress

1. Learn to express gratitude

The daily grind has stopped us from being grateful for what we have. We don’t appreciate the house we live in, the job we have, and the love of our partners. We spend so much worrying about what will happen that we don’t prioritize the things we have. As a result, we welcome stress in our lives. For at least 5 minutes a day, appreciate the things that you have. Take time to appreciate your current situation and how hard you worked to be here.

Although momentary, it will help to alleviate your stress.

2. Find alternatives for coffee

Are you a coffee person or are you a tea person? If you are a coffee person, then you better start finding its alternatives. Coffee is the kick that we need to start our day. While many studies suggest that coffees improve productivity, it also increases stress levels. Nothing can be worse than stressing an already stressed individual. To put in perspective, new stress management techniques see you try coffee alternatives like green tea.

Give it a try. Who knows, it might be your favorite drink!

3. Develop a pastime activity

It is rare to find free time in this hectic world. There is always one thing or another to finish. However, you must find yourself a simple pastime activity. It will not only help you to relax, but it will also give you time to reflect upon yourself. For starters, you can watch a new TV show or learn a new skill. It does not hurt to add a new skill to your repertoire!

4. Try to be positive

With all the negativity going around the world, it is quite hard to be positive. However, in these stress management techniques, we aim to be very positive. Try to find the positive vibes going around you and develop a new outlook towards stress. Once you start to find the positives in every situation, it’ll start a process that’ll make you happy and healthy. Give it a try and even if you don’t succeed, there are other alternatives.

5. Aromatherapy

A relatively new method of managing stress that uses smell is called aromatherapy. In this technique, we use strong yet soothing fragrances. To emphasize, we apply the fragrance on the wrist or under the nose and with the aroma, release our stress. Besides relieving stress, aromatherapy has proven to reduce the negative effects of anxiety and depression too. 

6. Massage session 

When we get stressed, the muscles in our body become tense and tight. As a result, we feel soreness and increases our stress again. This vicious cycle needs to broken if you want to reduce stress. Massage is a stress management techniques in which we loosen up the tight muscles and release the stress built in the body and mind. So, the next time you feel a bit sore, head to your nearest massage center.

7. Take part in an autogenic training

Autogenic training is a relatively new idea for managing stress. Through this technique, we learn to regulate the body functions that are normally under the control of our subconscious. For example, heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure. Gaining control over these factors helps us to regulate stress levels. Also, it helps treat disorders like insomnia, blood pressure, and anxiety.

8. Imagery techniques

Another technique in the list of stress management techniques is imagery or guided imagery. This method allows you to visualize your goals and accentuate your performance. It is a powerful healing and behavior affecting technique too. Guided imagery technique helps solve problems like pain management, high blood pressure, enhanced immunity, and even depression.

9. Breathing exercises

There are a variety of breathing exercises that you can try to put your stress under control. For example, you can try breathing exercises like alum-vilum. Or, you can follow the principles that are stated in the Pranayama breathing techniques. Initially, you should decide on a method of training and then you should keep practicing it to see maximum benefit.

10. Head to the gym

You must release the stress built up in your body. A great way to release it is by going to a gym. Working out falls on our list of stress management techniques. Taking part in weightlifting activities will decrease your stress and simultaneously make you fit and strong in the process. Also, you will meet like-minded individuals like yourself and end up making valuable friends too.

11. Develop your standard

In some cases, stress arises when you are too focused on doing things the right way. You must understand that not all things are perfect. Once you accept the fact that nothing can be ‘perfect’ you can feel your stress levels dwindling. This method is a habit rather than a quick relief. However, upon integrating this habit, you can feel your life becoming easier.

12. Stay away from unhealthy habits

Unhealthy habits are a leading cause of stress. If you have habits like eating lots of junk food, smoking, and heavy drinking, stress will be your companion. Make sure that you remove such bad habits before practicing other stress management techniques. It is one of the easiest and fundamental methods out there.

13. Interact with your friends

Whenever you feel stressed, interact with your friend circle. Sharing stress helps to reduce it and you’ll also gain new techniques and methods to tackle the problem. The more you share about your problem with your close ones, the more it will be helpful. In the majority of cases, having a person to listen to is helpful. 

14. Enjoy life & practice saying ‘no’

Life is short and taking stress does not do justice it. Find time for yourself to explore the beauty of nature. Also, find time to not take things for granted. Understand that things are the way they are for a reason. Navigate through each up and downs of life and enjoy it to the fullest! 

You should have a clear understanding of your limits. It is equally important that you stick with them too. This statement holds great importance in your personal as well as professional life. Saying yes to every request and favors from people will invite unwarranted stress in your life. This great stress management technique will help you to lead a life where you are not bothered by unwanted people.

However, don’t say no all the time as it might hamper your social life!

15. Yoga & Meditation

Another physical exercise that sees you push your physical limits is yoga. Unlike the banging of weights and loud music, yoga sees you indulge in inner peace. It helps you realize your true self and keep harmful thoughts and energy at bay. Unlike a gym, where there include huge monetary items, yoga does not include much. All you need is a yoga mat and a quiet place. Start it right now to witness the bliss it provides.

The human mind tends to wander a lot. It is of utmost importance to keep it from going back and fro. One way to solve this problem and reduce stress simultaneously is meditation. It’s one of the useful stress management techniques that sharpen the brain and lets you achieve the desired result. Be sure to practice it daily to reap maximum benefit.