Progressive Relaxation the Body Scan Techniques

The main purpose of doing any sort of yoga is for relaxation of mind, body, and soul. The continuous and regular practice of yoga helps you to achieve a higher state of concentration and focus, which ultimately aids you to perform work in the fastest possible way. In this article, we will discuss about progressive relaxation techniques.

Once a body feels anxious, commonly, the body adapts to the anxious feeling by showing several symptoms like the stiffness of muscles, hardening of tissues, an increase of heart rate, reddening of the skin, and many others. Once, a body becomes used to feeling anxious, it is anything but easy to come out of the whorl. Many researchers have claimed that progressive relaxation techniques are the best possible way to come out of stress. 

A wise man saying goes that we become good at what we focus the most. If we focus on relaxation, we become good at relaxing our mind, body, and soul. If we focus on the negative aspects of everything, we become good at, negative aspects of seeing the positive things. In a bid to unravel the unknown from the known things we will explore the progressive relaxation techniques to relax our muscles, and get rid of the negative energy that develops on our body. 

In a bid to effectively fight against the stress that is accumulated inside the body, it is advised that you need to reactivate the natural relaxation techniques of the body, that is attained through various ways including, muscles relaxation, mindful meditation techniques, mindful breathing, rhythmic movement of muscles, practicing Tai Chi, and other various forms of yoga and meditation. Some of the important and widely used progressive relaxation techniques are visualization meditation and chanting OM. 


Progressive relaxation technique—a reality

It is not an easy task to choose the relaxation technique among many progressive relaxation techniques available out there in the world. On a hay day, for most of the people who have come from their work, the easiest way to relax is to sit on a couch and enjoy the streaming of Netflix, in a bid to subdue the stress that strikes them.

Nevertheless, the technique is not a panacea to be less stressed. Contrary to being less stressed for a few hours by watching your favorite show, it is advised to come up with natural techniques, which is long-lasting and beneficial in the end. 

There are umpteen of natural relaxation techniques to calm your mind and feel the deep serenity by practicing simple yet, useful techniques that can significantly make your day or even a week productive.

Some of the handy natural relaxation techniques include, following the breath, mindful meditation, Tai Chi that puts you to the deep rest and halts the stressful cycle, subdue the blood pressure, and bring back the racing heartbeat to the normal level and put you in a balanced state of mind. However, practicing once in a blue moon will not give you any positive results. Therefore, dedication and continuity for the long term is the prerequisite to feeling the outcome. 

Despite many cost-effective or frugal yoga techniques, there are also some ancient and useful, yet expensive techniques like acupuncture and massage; however, no matter how expensive techniques you choose, the result is to get progressive relaxation of your muscles. Therefore, why not try the frugal and some free techniques available on the internet or through mobile applications. 


Which is the best technique for progressive relaxation of muscles?

There is no single answer to find out, which is the best progressive relaxation technique, one relaxation does not fit for others. It is based on the maxim that we are not the same. In the yogic culture, it is widely accepted that those things, which resonates with our wellbeing, fits us the best. Therefore, we need to focus on our breathing techniques to evoke the relaxation process.

In Yoga there is a great technique of relaxation called Yoga Nidra. If you like to know more click here