Parshuram is believed to be the sixth Avatar of Lord Vishnu. He is known for many things and is beloved to be one of the Astha Chiranjivi. If we were to believe the mythologies and stories, he is still alive and present in this world. The word Ashta Chiranjivi means eight immortals and he is one of those immortals. It is said that he will be one of the teachers who will guide the tenth and final Avatar of Lord Vishnu and will be one of the seven celestial sages of Kali Yoga. 

Father and Mother

Parshuram was born to Father Jamadagni who was one of the greatest sages of his time and mother princess Renuka who was of the Kshatriya class. The name he got during the time of birth was Ram, which later turned into Parshuram. Some of the other names by which he is known are Rama Bhargava, Rama Jamagdanya, and Veera Rama. It is believed that when the earth fell into the hands of corrupt people and was flooding with their sins and evil works, Lord Vishnu took his one of the most fearsome Avatars.


The teacher of Parshuram was non-other than Lord Shiva. The Lord himself trained and give knowledge to the sixth Avatar of Lord Vishnu. According to the legends, Lord Parshuram was one the best among the best in everything. Being the disciple of Lord Shiva himself and more than that being the sixth Avatar of Lord Vishnu there was nothing in the world Parshuram could not accomplish with his power. Among the many things, he learned from Lord Shiva one was the art of war, archery, and use of various cosmic weapons.

He also obtained Parsh (Axe) from Lord Shiva, by which he is famous. Lord Shiva gave him Brahmastra (Brahmastra is one of the most powerful and greatest cosmic weapons which is mentioned often in Hindu mythology and stories) in the form of the ax. He is known by his Axe and is always depicted as holding Axe in his dominant hand. By gifting the ax Lord Shiva also gifted the name Parshuram to his beloved student, Ram with ax Parshuram.


Lord Parshuram is known for his rage and anger. Normally, the Avatars of Lord Vishnu are born with his temper and calmness. However, Parshuram is one of those Avatars of Lord Vishnu who is known for their rage and anger. Another, Avatar of Lord Vishnu who is known for his anger and rage alongside Parshuram is his Narshima (Half man and half-lion form of Lord Vishnu) Avatar.

Other Avatars are known for their calmness and getting hold of the situation but not Lord Parshuram. There are various stories in Hindu mythology that describes the rage of Parshuram. In rage Parshuram even attacked Lord Ganesh when he was stopped by Lord Ganesh when he came to meet his teacher, Lord Shiva. According to the stories, the broken tusk of Lord Ganesh is due to the attack by Parshuram. 

Parshuram is rage even tried to attack another Avatar of Lord Vishnu which is Lord Ram. Lord Ram in Sita Swoyamber broke the bow of Lord Shiva. This activity deeply angered Parshuram as someone had broken the beloved bow of his teacher Lord Shiva.

He was so angered by this activity that he went to the marriage location of Lord Ram and Goddess Sita deciding to kill the one who had committed the crime of breaking the bow of Lord Shiva. He only left his rage when he found out that Ram was another incarnation of Lord Vishnu. If other people have done the same, he would have definitely killed them.

War with the Kshatriya

Lord Parshuram is famous for his war with the Kshatriya. In the era of the birth of Parshuram, the Kshatriya clan was possessed by evil. They were performing heinous acts on the people of the world. Chetriya are the warrior clan in Hindu society who were the kings and great warriors, when they turned evil and corrupt there was no one who could have opposed them in war. 

In the same period, Karti Birya Arjun (One with thousands of arms) or known as Sahastra bahu for his thousands of arms was one powerful ruler and also one who killed the father of Parshuram. Parshuram in rage for revenge for his father’s murder killed Karti Birya Arjun.

Even after killing the murderer of his father rage of Parshuram did not finish and he killed all the evil kings of the world 21 times and gifted earth to his teacher Rishi Kashyap. As he had gifted earth to his teacher Parshuram do not stay on the earth at nighttime as it is now the property of his teacher, and he could not use something he had already gifted to another person. 

In Mahabharat

Lord Parshuram also had a great impact on the war of Mahabharat. He was not actively involved in the war of Mahabharat, but his actions and decisions had a great impact on the war. According to him in the period till Mahabharat, he had retired from the actions of warfare and was involved in Tapasya and teaching the candidates who were worthy of his teachings and knowledge.

The three greatest warriors of Mahabharat Bhisma (Devrat), Drona, and Karna were the students of Parshuram. All of the students of Parshuram were killed in the war of Mahabharat as they were fighting on the side of Kaurab, which was the side of Duryodhan who was the main antagonist of the Mahabharat war.