emotions- Introduction 

Expressing your emotions is an art, what you feel inside should be controlled properly and need be checked before expressing them. Emotions are the catalyst that influences your response to the particular situation. The emotions that are playing inside us has various implications that influences our decision-making, relationship success, day-to-day interactions, and self-care. However, we must of control of emotions in some circumstances. 

If used properly, emotions that pops up on your mind can be instrumental to determine your day to day life. If you do not have any sorts of control of emotions it can also be detrimental. Mainly to your emotional health, mental health and interpersonal relationships. Control of emotions is very important task and is not easy. There are different types of emotions that you can take in charge of. Mainly they are feeling of happiness or elation, or sadness which both can reach to the tipping point and sometimes difficult to take control of emotions.

How to control emotions?

Though control of emotions is not as easy is you feel. However, with little bit of practice you can reign your own life and become master of yourself. There are many resources that have suggested and hinted about the importance of emotional regulation in the human life. The good emotional regulation is directly linked to the well-being of the human. Furthermore, there are other studies, which have hinted that possible links between the skills with the financial growth also. Therefore, it is the need of the hour to put some work that pays off in the long run.

How much do you feel anxious, stressed or have prolonged sadness, fear and anger that goes out of your hand? How often do you act impulsively, doing and uttering words that does not need to be and feel the most regretted? Do you feel numbed and void inside out? All in all, how often you could not control emotions? If you are feeling multiple things all at once then it is time to cure the emotional diarrhea that is plaguing you. 


Control of emotions of fear?

Fear enervates the being unnecessarily and keeps the power to stay balanced and focused at bay. Even if small things challenge you in life and you feel fearful then the success of work will be in jeopardy. There are umpteen of ways to control emotions and fear. Meditation, yoga and mindfulness techniques helps a lot to cope with all of them. Employing quick stress ( you can join a de-stress yoga retreat if you want to avoid them) purging techniques will do magic to your nervous system and helps to make balance in your life.


How to control happiness?

Among control of emotions, controlling happiness is also an art. Too much sugar is precarious. Similarly, being too much happy is also dangerous to human health. Though very few people complain of being too much happy these days, the controlling of happiness emotions is not talked much. However, if you are too much happy at one moment then it should be managed by doing mindfulness techniques, yoga and exercises.


Tragedy and control of emotions?

Surviving tragedy gives you a hope to live. If you have recently gone through such an emotional tragedy then it is necessary to control them.

  • Evoke it inside out.
  • Declutter by jotting down.
  • Talk with family and friends.
  • Do simple yet powerful exercises.
  • Keep smiling.
  • Go and roam to the new places.
  • Meander around your area.
  • Avoid eating drugs and alcohol.

How to control anger emotions?

  • Avoid drugs and excessive drinking.
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Roam around the fresh environment
  • Do aerobatics exercises
  • Jot down the causation of your anger
  • Know the stimuli of your anger and try to avoid them
  • Practice meditation.

Control of negative emotions?

Excessive negative thoughts are injurious to both emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health. The recurring negativity inside the brain releases harmful hormones that ultimately destroys the peace of the human mind. Some effective and widely practiced techniques to put negativity at bay are:

  • Practice meditation
  • Practice yoga and exercise.
  • Wake up early and do mundane tasks
  • Cooking
  • Reading positive books that energizes your enervated soul.
  • Talk with your friends, family and close relatives
  • Jot down the negativity.