What is the 500 hours yoga teacher training course offered by NYTT?

What is the 500 hours yoga teacher training course offered by NYTT?

Introduction to Yoga Teacher Training Course

Coursework from both the 200-hour and 300-hour certification programs is combined into the 29-day NYTT 500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course. It’s an all-inclusive course of study that includes both elementary and secondary education levels. Yoga is a spiritual discipline with a rich intellectual background and a long history of contemplative tradition that you will explore in depth. Incorporating contemporary alignment, sequencing, and a wide range of practice methods into a time-honored yoga framework.

Who Can Join?

Everyone is welcome at NYTT as long as they have the will to develop themselves through yoga. You may improve your health and happiness, make new friends, and have a fantastic time all at the same time by participating in this course.

This Yoga Teacher Training Course will far exceed your expectations if you are interested in teaching yoga professionally, wish to improve your own practices, or simply wish to learn more about the philosophy and history of yoga.

You are invited to join this advanced-level 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in the lovely country of Nepal, whether you are a complete beginner or already have your 200-hour certificate and are seeking to improve your knowledge and self-practice, wanting to discover the way of the quiet mind.

Practice can be tailored to each individual student’s ability. To learn well, one needs to be receptive, emotionally available, mentally upbeat, and self-motivated. Participants are expected to show up to all spiritual events, meditations, lectures, and asana courses in order to maximize the benefits of the program.


We hold accreditation from both the Yoga Alliance in the United States and the Yoga Alliance in India. Students who successfully complete the requirements for Yoga Teacher Training Course will be awarded a certificate approved by the Yoga Alliance. The Yoga Alliance registration is an internationally acknowledged qualification.

Upon successful completion of the yoga training course, students will receive a certificate from the Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Research Centre, which is accredited by Yoga Alliance and is therefore recognized internationally.

Nepal Yoga Home has a sibling institution called the Nepal Yoga Teacher Training course and Research Centre. One of the first yoga schools in Nepal to offer a 500-hour yoga teacher training course, Nepal Yoga Home is part of the international yoga alliance.


Your accommodations at the Nepal Yoga Teacher Training course and Research Centre will provide you with a quiet place to study, delicious vegetarian food, opportunities to practice yoga, and a taste of ashram life. Yoga ashram-style dorms with hot showers and clean bathrooms are planned.

A stunning panorama of nature awaits you. The package price of the Yoga Teacher Training course includes a shared room, but if you’d prefer a private room, there will be an extra charge. Students can fully immerse themselves in the learning and self-discovery process by choosing to live at a yoga ashram, where they are removed from the distractions of daily life.

500-Hour Yoga Alliance Certification

After completing this Yoga Teacher Training Course program, you will meet the requirements set forth by Yoga Alliance to become a 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 500).

In-Depth Study of the Yogic Way of Life

Join a community of like-minded individuals and reap the rewards of a regular asana, meditation, and pranayama practice, as well as a sattvic diet.

Complete Preparation to Teach Yoga

Learn the ins and outs of the Yoga Teacher Training course with the help of mentors who are themselves experienced teachers, and find your footing as a yoga instructor.

Techniques, Training, & Practice

This Yoga Teacher Training course covers the fundamentals as well as more advanced asana. You can use these yoga poses to build sequences for students of all levels if you practice them regularly.

Coursework in asana, pranayama (breathwork), meditation, mantra, and other basic yoga approaches can help you gain insight into who you are. You’ll be honing your own yoga skills while honing those of future students as you commit to these routines on a daily basis.

Ethics and the Yoga Philosophy

The tenets of yoga, the yogic way of life, and the yogic code of conduct are the focus of this yoga teacher training. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, and other ancient books of yoga philosophies are all covered in depth within the 500-hour program’s enlarged curriculum. Improve your own yoga practice, become a more effective teacher, and learn more about who you truly are with the help of the insights included in these books.

Teaching Practicum

Over a Yoga Teacher Training course of 54 days, you will gain ample experience in directly teaching students. Components that make up this portion of your training include teaching your peers, receiving and giving constructive feedback, observing others teaching, assisting students while another person is teaching, and more. 500-hour trainees also get the opportunity to teach public drop-in classes if they wish to.

Evaluation and examination

Students in a 500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training course are regularly evaluated to ensure they are learning the material and gaining the skills they need to effectively transmit their positive outlook on life rather than simply copying it. Students’ knowledge and abilities will be assessed via a hands-on exercise. There is a possibility of open-book tests. Every exam’s primary goal is not to provide credit but rather to cement knowledge for the long term.

The 500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program Includes the Following

The asana (posture), pranayama (breathing technique), Dhyan (meditation), yoga philosophy, relaxation techniques, mantra chanting, yoga anatomy, and other topics are covered in depth over the course of the 500-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training course combined 200-hour and 300-hour syllabus.

The Yoga Teacher Training course content and the order in which its instructional modules are presented have been meticulously planned to provide a systematic, progressive learning experience that ranges from elementary to advanced.

The most advanced practical and academic aspects of yoga and meditation are covered in the course outline. The Nepal Yoga Teacher Training course and Research Centre promotes holistic wellness by providing training in the areas of mental and spiritual well-being in addition to the more conventional areas of physical fitness.

Cost of a 500-Hour Youth Leadership Training Program

The 500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training course offered by NYTT is available to you at no risk. You can try out our course risk-free for a whole month, and if you aren’t satisfied for any reason, just let us know during that first month to receive a complete refund.

10 Reasons Why People Travel Nepal for Yoga teacher Training Class

10 Reasons Why People Travel Nepal for Yoga teacher Training Class

Authentic Reasons why people Prefer to do Yoga teacher training class in Nepal

Yoga is a collective term used for various breathing techniques, poses and techniques. Yoga is the gift of ancient Hindu scriptures to the world. From physical to mental, psychological to spiritual yoga makes a person lightened in many fields. This article gives you a clear view on why people travel Nepal for yoga teacher training class. 

Yoga teaching and practices have been benefiting the people who practiced it for many centuries and will for many times to come. Yoga teachings and techniques have been passed through generations and generations from written scriptures and teachers to students. Nowadays, also yoga can be learned through finding a good teacher.

Nepal is a country well known to provide good yoga teaching as well as yoga teacher training. Being the place of origin of yoga Nepal has raw potentiality and enormous impacts in its teachings.

10 reasons why people travel Nepal for Yoga teacher training class are as follows:

1) Birth of yoga

Yoga is said to have been introduced to the world by lord shiva reincarnated as Aadi yogi thousands of year ago in ancient times. The atheneite, originality that are found on this land are seen nowhere in the world. Here with yoga, you can learn the history of yoga also if you are interested. So, Nepal is the place to take your yoga teacher training class.

2) Inside budget

Taking yoga teacher training classes can be costly in some places around the world. However, Nepal provides the best yoga teacher training class at very affordable prices. The prices get reasonable with best learning services. Another amazing thing is that the price of eating and living is also very affordable in the country. Most of the school provide food, accommodation and yoga classes in their package at very reasonable price.

3) Peaceful Location

Nepal is a peaceful country with greenery all over the place. Yoga learning requires a clam and peaceful environment for best results. The yoga teacher training centers in Nepal are located in very natural and greenery covered areas. The locations and views alone provide peace to the mind beside yoga teacher training class.

4) Experienced and qualified teachers

If you are attempting simple yoga you won’t need a teacher. However, if you are about to perform advanced yoga or becoming a yoga teacher in future, you need to find yourself a teacher. The yoga teacher training class in Nepal are equipped with very experienced and knowledgeable teachers. The teachers can make your yoga teacher training class very fruitful.

5) Numerous techniques

Only some popular forms have been adapted worldwide. However, if you want to capture many forms and get true essence of yoga you need to visit Nepal for your yoga teacher training class.

6) Friendly and co-operative people

Nepalese people are known to be very friendly and helpful to the people they are not acquainted also. If you are having some trouble or get into one, they will be very delighted to help you out of it. If you want to have a home like experience during yoga teacher training class Nepal is for you.

7) Extra services

Yoga teacher training centers in Nepal also provide luxury services to you if you are inclined to experience them. Aside from luxury services some extra services as tours, visits are provided by them if you want them.

8) Certification

Most of the yoga teacher training centers in Nepal provide the authentic certificate of your completion of classes which is registered with the yoga alliance. The certificate allows to further pursue your career in yoga if you want it. The yoga teacher training certificates are also recognized worldwide.

9) Easy visa

You can easily apply for the visa of Nepal. Unlike some countries where you need months of paper work preparation to apply for visa, it’s very easy. You can just decide to take the yoga teacher training classes and go to Nepal.

10) Very Beneficial

Yoga teacher training class is not only beneficial for your career but due to the practice, you need to do for teaching you will be fitter than ever. Not just physically but you will be mentally and psychologically fit and ready to channel that wellbeing into your students.