Certified Yoga training in Nepal

Where Can I Learn Certified Yoga training in Nepal

Yoga offers you the skills to achieve optimum physical, mental, spiritual health, and a balance of your larger self. Flip your passion into the many profession of yoga. As yoga brings a relaxed, peacefulness and focuses on raising your capability for thought and integrity. Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Retreat Center in this sense has brought the great courses which can be conducted by extremely intimate with and dedicated academics.Which will assist you in strengthening personal relationships and the way to attain your life goals. Through your apply, you’ll discover a way of fun and playfulness along with your body and spirit. Hence, Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Retreat Center offer you the Certified Yoga training in Nepal.

Certified yoga training in Nepal

What do we provide for you?

Nepal Yoga Home (NYTT is a Sister Organization of Nepal Yoga Home) is a registered organization in Nepal and conjointly Certified Yoga training in Nepal to Yoga Alliance International. Since our institution, we are providing totally different programs like yoga and meditation retreat (one-night yoga and meditation go back to many night yoga and meditation retreat); Stress management program, life-changing packages, mantra chanting, Therapeutic yoga category; massage (on request basis) and lots of different programs. Hence, anyone who is fascinated by yoga and meditation will Utilize his/her vacation with yoga retreat packages at Nepal yoga home with the complete nonsecular atmosphere.

Immerse in yogic knowledge and its joyful follow Nepal Yoga teacher training and Retreat Center features a good team of the yoga teacher. Who spent quite 20 years in sharing the knowledge of yoga to humanity. Also this training course, we’ll take you to the jungle. Then give you a Himalaya and a smart atmosphere of real yogis and superb Nepali food. Nepal Yoga teacher training and retreat center are being a good alternative for authentic Yoga and meditation seeker from everywhere the planet in Kathmandu, Nepal. We’ve explored its distinctive method of yoga supported classical, vaidic, spiritual, and modern research conception.

Courses available for Certified Yoga training in Nepal

200 Hours Teacher training, 300 Hours Teacher training, 500 Hours Teacher training courses are meant to make the yogistic facet in a very personal; also empower one ’s ability and skills on completely different aspects of yoga-like posture, pranayama, and meditation. Also, if you’re an aspirant towards the ability of Teaching Yoga, you are in smart hands.

Since the start of our 200, 300 and 500 hour Yoga Teacher training courses, the number of our alumni have gone on the far side huge numbers. At constant time, several of them are made Yoga teachers all around the world. Because of the result, we would like you to know the basics of the talents of Teaching. Therefore the completion of this program can embark the Journey of a made Yoga teaching career.

This yoga and meditation coaching course teaches in depths of Classical yoga and Kundalini yoga in a very ancient yoga ashram setting. Since this course is appropriate for all level of religious seekers. Hence, who want to participate in our yogistic manner to deepen your previous data and to experiment yoga insensible life. Therefore this course contains a holistic thought of

  • Raj yoga,
  • Gyan yoga,
  • Karma Yoga,
  • Astanga yoga,
  • Hatha yoga,
  • Bhakti Yoga,
  • Kundalini yoga,
  • Iyengar yoga,
  • Shivanand yoga and
  • Different meditation.

Hence this program gives students a chance to experience the effects of yogic lifestyle based on the science of yoga.

What our Certified Yoga Training in Nepal contains

Hence, this yoga training course has much more things to offer to make your life upside down by weapon of the different art of yoga and meditation. So that trainees will gain knowledge of all aspect of yoga-like;

  • Yoga asanas,
  • Meditation,
  • Breathing science,
  • Yoga philosophy,
  • Yoga anatomy, and physiology,
  • Adjusting,
  • Chakras,
  • Ayurveda,
  • Mudras,
  • Bandha,
  • Lifestyle and art of self-healing and other traditional and contemporary Yoga and meditation techniques.

How to Sign up

goto the booking menu and Enter all the necessary details, we will respond to you within 24 hours and send you all the details on how we go forward. You can give the course name Certified Yoga Training in Nepal or Yoga Retreat course as your wish.

Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Retreat Center provide different yoga programs in Nepal which makes it a true yoga school in Nepal. We provide Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Retreat, Yoga Detox, Yogic healing, life-changing yogic experience, Yoga Therapy and other yoga programs in Nepal with the involvement of highly experienced Yoga instructor in stunningly beautiful place of Kathmandu. Phone: +977-9851167373
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