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Driven by the dedicated desire to awaken the humanity with pure spiritual strive, Yoga Instructor Acharya Prakash Ji has carried a phenomenal journey of yoga. A student of hardcore science called Physics craved for the widening and spacious spectrum of human science and consciousness which made him hop into the vast subject of yoga. Even though he was born in the Brahmin family which had a high reverence and regards for Holy Scriptures, rituals and religious culture and custom, his spiritual quest was not thrilled until he plunged into the ocean of yoga.

Most of his cultures and activities were guided by his upbringings as a Brahmin child which was heightened and empowered with his devoured devotion to seek the eternal peace and joy. In his early teenage, he was conferred on the meditation for the first time in his life by his father. During his late teenage, he was then blessed with an opportunity to take part in Buddha Meditation. All these crucial phases of his life only intensified his pursuit of eternal pleasure and peace.

A young yoga instructor of his early twenties was pursuing the degree of Bachelor in physics. During those periods of time, he happened to find himself more into spiritual discourse and studying rather than the formal education he had been following. That unstoppable determination and search of eternal ecstasy and human consciousness, he eventually switched from an education of strict science of Physics into the study Yogic Science and Human Consciousness in his Master’s Degree from one of the oldest universities of Yoga in the world named Gurukul Kangri University, Haridwar, India.

The turning of a point of his life was to choose the rarely professional and less career-oriented field of human consciousness and spirituality leaving the most charming and valued subject especially in the context of Nepal. A person with intense awareness and consciousness never lose the journey. His story has carried a life-inspiring and soul-touching lesson to offer to the humanity that a burning desire to a certain thing comes up with the concrete result if it is followed with perseverance. During his study in India, he was fortunate to visit Pilot Baba whom he reverends as his spiritual guru.

He got the jewel of wisdom under short but life-changing tutelage which further crafted his spiritual seeking. He learned meditation techniques from Pilot Baba. He used to visit the river of Ganges time and again for the meditation and spiritual visit. Instead of listening to his mind rather he inclined to the voice of his heart which ultimately explored his hidden yogi and an intense spiritual quest to devise his own system of meditation- Soul Meditation.

One day, while he was meditating on the bank of Ganges River, he felt spiritually empowered and discovered the tool to ignite and inspire millions of humanity coming to this point of his life. It’s also one of the most powerful sharing subjects to all the yoga enthusiasts who come into this divine precinct of Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Research Centre. It’s been very named Soul Meditation.

In spite of his opportunity to work in the proximity of high dignitaries and their various proposals for the establishment of Ashram in India, yoga Instructor Prakash Acharya headed to Nepal for the sheer interest and passion to offer the knowledge of spirituality from his birthplace and also the divine land of Lord Shiv. It was not an easier journey to follow the path of yoga and spirituality running a yoga ashram in the adverse political system of Nepal.

However, the relentless effort to embark on the spiritual world to impart the knowledge and wisdom to the humanity never stopped regardless of numerous hurdles and obstruction. His impenetrable interest to contribute yoga made him establish an institute for yoga called Nepal Yoga Home, one of the most reputed and pioneer yoga organization for the students from all over the world. The solid sense of enhancing the insight of the world has been continuing for more than a decade.

To realize the bigger vision and mission to spread the wisdom of yoga and human consciousness, Yoga Instructor Acharya Prakash ji felt the necessity to establish a greater organization which can be the umbrella organization both for spirituality and therapy. In order to concretize his greater vision and mission, he envisioned to extend the opportunity and works on spiritual consciousness and therapeutic research through the establishment of Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Research Centre.

In addition to his wholehearted dedication to the spiritual awakening and human consciousness, he finds his time to share his warm and benevolent hands to offer the donation for orphanage who are in stark need of help. Besides Yoga Instructor Acharya Prakash Ji also is invited in a national and international organization of yoga and spirituality as an honored guest where he also has been sharing his yoga classes.

Apart from his study and education in the field of physics, yoga, spirituality, and human consciousness, he also has acquired the Diploma in Reflexology, Diploma in Yoga and Spirituality. He is also a 200 and 500 Hour certified Yoga Teacher.  His field of expertise is not confined to aforementioned subjects, he also an adept on yoga philosophy and yoga detox. It would not be inappropriate to state that either in an informal path or in a formal path he has been continuing his yoga journey. As a Ph.D. scholar yoga Instructor Prakash Acharya has been researching in the meditation on the subject of Vigyan Bhairav Tantra.

As an ambassador of Yoga Alliance, India for Nepal, he as a yoga instructor has been delivering his wisdom to the world. His adeptness of teaching is not only limited to the yoga, meditation, motivational training, lifestyle training, time management,  and stress management but also he has written the books on Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, and Reflexology. In the field of Reiki, he has attained Reiki Master Degree. His experience of teaching in yoga lengthens more than of 15 years along with his skillful ability on mantra chanting along with the in-depth command and insight on the ancient and Holy Scriptures including Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagavad Geeta, Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Bigyan Bhairava Tantra etc.

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