Goals of Nepal Yoga Teacher Training

Goals of Nepal Yoga Teacher Training

Our goal is to spread spiritual awareness and transformation of life through yoga and meditation. Regardless of the cast, race, age, gender, nation, creed and religion one follows, we hearty welcome for the sacred and pure individual path of your own consciousness and awareness by following the path of yoga and yogic life style.

To eradicate and reduce the side effect and harms caused by the social disharmony, addiction, crime, anxiety, depression and various physical, mental and psychological health issues by practicing asana, pranayama, meditation and many other life-changing tools of yoga such as yoga detox, mantra-chanting, yoga nidra, philosophical discourse etc.

To provide charity from the profit out of Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Research Centre to the organic farms with eco-friendly manner for promoting the organic foods in yogic life-style.

To help you realize your inner potentiality while following the path of inner awakening and consciousness for eternal bliss and joy in life.

To promote the sacred and divine land Nepal, which has been the celestial abode of Lord Shiv, the first yogi in the universe, as the origin place of Yoga opening the possibilities of research on many facets of yoga.

To research the paper on yoga and therapy based on the therapeutic and spiritual aspects of yoga.

To assist yoga seeker to make their life beautiful, joyful and successful in their life path. Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Research Centre supports the idea of being successful, if it helps to be a better person and contented to the path of life and helps to make one happier and healthier even though the idea of being successful and personal gain seems irrelevant to the yoga. Indeed, the yoga is not exclusive to the various aspects of life.

To help yoga enthusiasts to follow the ultimate state of yoga called enlightenment.