Yoga Detox and Its Benefits

Yoga Detox and Its Benefits

Yoga detox means to cleanse our body inside and outside by yoga, pranayama, meditation and different yogic diet. Yoga is the means to purify our body by eliminating all the toxins from our body. Toxins are the cause of different diseases in our body. So, the main aim of yoga detox is to eliminate the toxins in our body which are the burden of our body, brain, and mind.

Our body regularly collects unnecessary particles in the body and accumulates in the nerves which become the blockages in the course of time. They become the burdens for the blood circulation of the body. The low rate of blood circulation of the body invites a lot of diseases in our body. We can cleanse our outside body by bathing but we can clean inner body by yoga detox which can help us to be healthy all the time. Yoga detox makes our body free from all blockages. Yoga opens the blockages of the body.

We take the breath, drink water and eat food every day. By these activities, toxins enter into our body. Many chemicals become the toxins after entering into the body which is the real cause of the diseases. If we are sick and we can detoxify those toxins from our body, our body starts to be healthy. Yoga detox can be able to make free our body from the toxins which have been collected for years.

We cannot avoid the toxins to enter into our body so we have to apply the technique for detoxification to be free from mental and physical discomfort. The real search of every people of the world is happy and healthy life. We can get the sensual pleasure only after having ease mind and body. Life’s first priority is to be healthy and happy without any stress in the mind. If we choose to be free from the stress, we can find the way. The way is yoga detox class. When you learn yoga detox, you can continue yoga in your life to detoxify your body.

Main organs of our body collect the toxins and we have to clean those toxins time to time. For that yoga can be the best medium. If we do so, we can prevent ourselves from the danger of the future diseases. Some of the toxins come out from the sweat, urine and other activities but some of the toxins mix in the blood which brings the toxins all over the body which can be harmful.

The easy way to detoxify the toxins from our body is yoga, pranayama, and meditation. It can help you to eliminate the toxins from your body. Yoga Detox supports the body to rid of from the toxins. By increasing the immune power of the body, yoga detox protects us from many diseases.

There are a lot of benefits of yoga detox, some of them are as follows:

Increases the Immune Power

It is a very easy medium to increase the immune power of our body which can prevent us from the diseases. The immune system also helps to cure the diseases of our body fast. We rarely become sick, if we have a strong immune system in our body.

Increases the Blood Flow

Yoga detox increases the blood flow to our body. When the blood flow increases, all the systems of the body become balanced. The fast blood flow can bring the oxygen to every cell of the body and keep them active. It can also reduce the stress on our mind.

Helps You to Have Better Sleep

Yoga detox helps you to sleep better than before. It increases the dopamine hormone in the body which makes you happy. It reduces the stresses of the mind and maintains your overall life. Better sleep helps us to be physically and mentally strong.

Delaying Age

Yoga detox delays the ageing process and keeps us young than our real age. Everybody wants to be young than their real age. It increases the glow of our face and activeness. Yoga detox adds our energy and beauty to the body.

Balances Your Weigh

Yoga detox balances your weight of the body. Nowadays, most of the people are suffering from overweight. If they take this class, they can lose their weight. Yoga can be the bliss for the people who want to be free from overweight.

Increases the Red Blood Cells in the Body:

Yoga detox increases the red blood cells in our body which carries oxygen to every part of our body. It keeps our body healthy mentally and physically.

Increase Memory Power

Yoga detox increases our memory power. It increases the concentration power too. It helps us to remember which we read. Yoga detox makes us aware of what we do in our life.

Increases Positivity

Yoga detox increases positivity to see our life. It helps to be grateful for everything we have and everyone who are in touch with us. We can be able to love ourselves and to others. We see each moment as our opportunity in our life after yoga detox.

Increases peacefulness of mind:

yoga detox increases the peacefulness of our mind. We become calm in our life than before. We achieve inner confidence and power. The peaceful mind can bring the positive results.

Increases Self Control:

Yoga detox helps us to control ourselves in every sector of our life. It increases our positive attitude to see the problems and nothing can lead us to the negative path. It controls our every activity of our life and tries to give the perfect solution in each moment.

Increases Self-esteem:

Yoga detox is very helpful to increase our self-esteem in our life. When our self-esteem increases, we become more hopeful to our life. We become the success in the goal of our life with unlimited hope for life. Our life starts to touch our path to gain the ultimate purpose of the life. Our unstoppable effort brings us to the satisfaction in the life.

Increases Stamina of Our Body:

Yoga detox is the best way to increase the stamina of the body. Yoga detox tightens our muscles and energizes our joints. It gives the most important wealth of our life, a healthy body

Decreases Stress Level:

Yoga detox is the powerful means to be free from the stress. It eliminates the blockages of the brain which is useful to remove all the stresses of our mind.

Meditation in Nepal

Meditation in Nepal

How is the practice of meditation in Nepal is meaningful & progressive?

Meditation in Nepal is logical and favorable in the sense that Nepal is a spiritual country wherein many people including Buddha got enlightenment through meditation. It is the place from where entire spirituality was flourished throughout the world. Many people had achieved enlightenment before the time of Buddha, and after the physical life of Buddha. But, there was the highest number of people to get enlightenment contemporary to Buddha through his meditation. Many people practiced meditation in Nepal from the ancient time till now. It is a historical place for practicing meditation and spiritual upliftment. Many people have been benefitted with the practice of meditation in Nepal. Nepal has innumerable places where meditator can uncover the e anteriorly truth through meditation. The spiritual vibration makes the meditation practice in Nepal meaningful and progressive.The geographical condition and temperature also favor the meditation in Nepal. The combination of Plain, Mountain, Hills, and Himalayans are diversified geography in Nepal. Different types of vegetation are found here. Temperature and climatic condition play an important role in a better practice. It is neither too cold nor too hot. All the factors of environment suit for the meditation. Thus many people from different part of the world come to Nepal to practice meditation. It is observed that all the sages belong to this place wherein they practiced meditation and share its nectar in the entire world. We have studied the glory of the meditators and the holy person of the past, which were belonged to Nepal.

Meditation in Nepal is important in the sense that most of the Nepalese are highly interested in spiritual activities. They love meditation and help people to progress forward whoever are practicing meditation. Any activities regarding meditation are considered as divine work in Nepal. People have deep respect and devotion to meditation. It is treated as a heavenly path which bestows all the divine happiness. Some people perceive meditation as a method of psychological revolution, which clears all the hindrances and defects of mind and purifies it, which naturally uplifts the mental status of a practitioner. People in Nepal clearly understand that the meditation is the bridge that connects the relationship of visible form with invisible form, and many have experienced their unity and the divine relationship.  The ponderability and importance of meditation have been realized by a maximum number of people in Nepal which creates a massive flow of people towards meditation in Nepal. Most of the people in Nepal are with the heart of spirituality who dedicate their life to find the supreme reality which is beyond the realm of physical or material effects. They have the hereditable character to seek the meaning of life in immortal and imperishable things rather than mortal matters and changing phenomena. They try to perceive the reality of invisibility of the divine nature. Thus blissfulness, tranquility, and happiness are their spontaneous nature as they do not depend upon external factor. In other words- they understand that the true source of happiness and peace is within the self. So, they practice for being introvert followed by meditation.  Thus, there is a facility of meditation in Nepal in every part of the country.

Now in this modern world, people have a deep study on Meditation. Each individual requires a perfect health for all-round development and progress. Now, it is known and realized that meditation is the best medication through its regular practice. They understand that real health is nature-gifted or God gifted. It means the immunity power is an innate factor and it is the meditation which boosts immunity power, hence, bestows the real health. Thus, many of the people depend on spiritual law and meditation which give them entire health.  So, people have generated a favorable environment for practicing meditation in Nepal. So, many foreigners and tourists from various parts of the world come to Nepal for yoga teacher training, meditation, yoga retreat, astrology and to enjoy the influential Himalayas. These types of activities are preponderatingly centered around the Kathmandu Valley. Pokhara is also becoming more and more popular for yoga trek and meditation, yet, each of the places is favorable for meditation in Nepal. Besides the practice of meditation, Nepal provides the study of meditation as well. The origin of meditation, fundamental laws, and teachings of meditation, originator, and masters of meditation and purpose of meditation etc. are detailedly taught in Nepal.  People can understand the meditation through the level from theory to practice.

Though the mindful meditation is famous and effective throughout the world, there are many techniques of meditation. Different types of meditations are found in different religion and different institutions. For mindful meditation, people practice Vipassana meditation of which the founder was Lord Buddha, due to which the highest number of people got enlightenment during his period in comparison with other periods of the history. Most of the practitioner reveals their experiences regarding Vipassana meditation as a liberator of all physical, mental, social, and other visible and invisible sorrows; as well as a bestower of enlightenment. Besides, there are many other types of meditation in Nepal. Osho talks about more than 108 techniques of meditation, those all are taught in Nepal. Some other techniques of meditation which are taught in Nepal are- Shivayog meditation, Kriyayog Meditation, Chakra Meditation, Hypnotic meditation, Past-life regression meditation, Dynamic meditation, Kundalini meditation, Swaryog meditation, Nada meditation, Tratak (with candle, moon, sun..), meditation with mantra (powerful enchanting especially in Sanskrit language), etc. These meditations are normally taught and made practice in different institutions.   Besides, there are some hidden techniques of meditation that are limited to the sage who have been dwelling their penance far from the human society especially in the dense forest and the den of the mountain and Himalayan. Those divine personalities are not accessible for all and for common people. The student must be with a pure heart and should possess a capacity to endure the all types of difficulty, in order to be eligible to meet them and receive the technique of meditation. With the practice of meditation, an individual find the real master (the guru) within the self, which leads him to the final destiny.

 The Birthplace of Yoga

 The Birthplace of Yoga

The birthplace of Yoga is said to be Nepal as Lord Shiva has given the lessons on Yoga (especially Ashtanga yoga) from the Mountain Kailās which is situated in Nepal. Lord Shiva is known as the inventor of Yoga which he taught to Goddess Parvati. She asks many questions regarding, yoga and other types of austerity with Lord Shiva. The conversation was taken place in Kailas Parvat (mountain). In her answer, Lord Shiva reveals the secrets of asanas, yoga and other hidden knowledge.  These conversations can be found in different old epics, especially in Shiva Puran. Lord Shiva has revealed many secrets and depth of Yoga in the ancient epic. There were many Yogis who had been practicing yoga in Himalayans like Kailas parvat. We can still find some Yogi continuing yogic practice in the forest, mountains, and Himalayan of Nepal.

Buddha was born at Lumbini in Nepal who taught equanimity followed by awareness throughout his life. The birthplace of Yoga is known to be in Nepal due to his birth in Nepal as well. The meditation techniques taught by Buddha is found to be the most scientific, natural and effective. His path is followed in all over the world.  There were some people to get enlightenment before Gautama Buddha and after his physical life as well. But the maximum number of people who got enlightenment was in the time of Buddha. There were other techniques and spiritual master besides the Buddha, but history says that too many people got enlightenment during the period of Buddha through his meditation. Basically, he taught meditation in Northern India and in Nepal. Thus yogic knowledge was flourished from India as well.

Patanjali has explained the Yoga dividing it into eight branches (Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi). Actually, the birthplace of Patanjali is far from clear. Nor it is known where he lived and taught Yoga to the public. The language he used is in Sanskrit. And Sanskrit language has prevailed in Nepal and India. From this sense, the birthplace of Yoga can be regarded to these both countries. The practices of Yoga were begun in Nepal and India from the ancient time. Gradually, it was flourished all over the world. Hath Yoga has been developed from the concept of Patanjali.  He introduced the systematic practice of Yoga which works on body, mind, and spirit simultaneously.

Yogeswar (the lord of Yoga) Krishna was incarnated in Mathura, India. He has decoded eighteen types of Yoga in Bhagawat Geeta, when, Arjuna was refusing to fight the battle of Mahabharata. The place where Lord Krishna gave the knowledge of Bhagawat Geeta was in front of the worriers of Mahabharata, which was prevailed in Nepal and India. In the ancient time, Nepal and India were not in existence. These countries were divided into many small countries. And whatever the important factors, regarding Yoga, were taken place, those have happened within these place. After many years, Nepal and India got their identity in the form of a particular country. From this point of view, the birthplace of Yoga is sometimes said to be Nepal and India. The Yoga stated in Bhagawat Geeta is theoretically based. Bhagawat Geeta contains different 18 forms of yoga, which basically talks that yoga is the balance of mind rather than that of the body. It states that the equanimity of mind is called Yoga. The lord has given emphasis on Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Karma Yoga etc.

Among different types of Yoga, Hath Yoga begins with physical practices. In the ancient period, many people from India and Nepal practiced it and achieved accomplishment. These types of practices have been continuing in this modern period as well, in different places of Nepal. Since Nepal is the birthplace of Yoga, practicing Yoga in this place gives a better result. Nepal is the country of Himalayans and Yogis, wherein many ancient people had achieved perfection through the continuous austerity. The yogic vibration in Nepal is found to be comparatively more than in another part of the world.   There are different yoga centers in Nepal wherein general yoga teaching, Yoga Teachers Training, Yoga Instructors Course, Therapeutic Yoga etc have been conducting. The environment and wave favor for Yoga and meditation. Many foreigners and natives have been practicing yoga, meditation, and other spiritual practices in the birthplace of Yoga i.e.  Nepal and India.

Many Yogis were born over here in the ancient time and this is continuing.  King Janaka, Ashtavakra, Mahavatar Baba, Yukteshwar Giri, Yogananda, Ramakrishna Paramhamsha, Swami Ram Tirtha,Vivekananda, Yogi Naraharinath (who wrote over 600 books in 28 different language), Khaptad Baba, Osho, J. Krishnamurti, S.N. Goyanka etc. are some yogis who have been emphasis that this place is the birthplace of Yoga. Swami Kuvalayananda kept continuing the teaching of Yoga. Similarly, some of the Yogis like  Chidananda Saraswati, Sivananda Saraswati,  Satyananda Saraswati, Swami Rama, Dhirendra Brahmachari, Swami Veda Bharati, B. K. S. Iyengar , K. Pattabhi Jois have played a great role in flourishing the Yoga throughout the world making clear to all that the area of Nepal and India is the  birthplace of Yoga. Their contribution will remain immortal and will sustain till the expiry of this world. The supreme knowledge that they offer to the people has taken the people to the path of welfare, perfection and finally towards the enlightenment.

There are too many historical places which represent the remains of the ancient practice that were happened in Nepal and India. In some dense forest and mountain of these places, especially in Himalayan area there can be found some diggings and dwellings where past friar used to perform their spiritual practices. These vestiges signify the birthplace of Yoga is in the area with the boundary limited to Nepal and India.

Ayurveda Class in Nepal

Ayurveda Class in Nepal

Nepal yoga teacher training and retreat center gives you the opportunity to wonderful Ayurveda class to make you relaxed physically and mentally and keep you healthy all the time. Ayurveda class provides the knowledge to increase your stamina in your body which can prevent you from many diseases in your life. Ayurveda class realizes you the importance of health and happiness in your life. Ayurveda is a part of ancient eastern knowledge, the Veda. Ayurveda comes from Atharva Veda where we can find many treatment systems. Ayurveda can protect us from many diseases in our life and inspire us to live a healthy lifestyle.

Ayurveda is the science of human medicine which has been practiced from more than 5,000 years ago in Nepal and India. It was invented by great sages. Ayurveda can eliminate the toxins in our body and help us to remain healthy. Ayurveda has two ways of healing one is to prevent us from the diseases and another is to cure our diseases. Ayurveda is the best healing technique for the chronic diseases. Where the medical science fails to heal the diseases, there can be the hope of Ayurveda. Nepal yoga teacher training and retreat center enables you to understand every aspect of Ayurveda.

Sushruta Samhita is the main scripture of Ayurveda. Sushruta was the name of a great yogi who was the son of great sage Vishvamitra according to Mahabharat, the great epic of Hindu philosophy. Sushruta was the father of Ayurvedic surgery. Sushruta Samhita is the book written by Sushruta which includes 184 chapters. He gives the detailed explanation of Ayurveda in the book. He describes 1,120 sicknesses in the human body. He gives the remedies of the diseases by 700 medicinal plants.

Ayurveda in Nepal

The meaning of Ayur is life and Veda is knowledge or science so the meaning of Ayurveda is the knowledge or the science of life. In Ayurveda class, the power of mind in healing is emphasized because the mind has the main role to heal the diseases. Ayurveda class focuses on balancing life to be free from the diseases. Ayurveda includes many ways to heal the diseases. Yoga, pranayama, meditation, herbs, special diets and other different health practices also the part of Ayurveda class.

Ayurveda is the traditional medicine system of Nepal. Being rich in medicinal herbal, Nepal has the great possibility to be the best spot for Ayurveda in the world. Now, the knowledge of Ayurveda is emerging in all over the world. The study of Ayurveda becomes great scope. Nepal yoga teacher training and retreat center can add your happiness by enabling you to stay healthy life by Ayurveda class.

In the Himalayan part of Nepal, we can find rare herbs which are useful for many diseases. In the present context, there has been starting Ayurveda detox as a mainstream healing system. We can find that Ayurveda can heal many diseases which are incurable from allopathic medicine. Allopathic medicine has many side effects but Ayurveda doesn’t have such kind of side effects. Ayurveda focuses to heal the reason of the disease not the symptoms of the diseases. So, the healing of Ayurveda is very effective.

Ayurveda class focuses on healthy living, prevention of diseases and immune system enhancement. It is the science which saves you from the danger of the fearful diseases. If we follow some of the healthy lifestyle in our life, we will be secured by the coming threat of the diseases in our life. Ayurveda class tries to convince you that there is the way for the healthy life. So, Nepal yoga teacher training and retreat center is giving you the chance to learn about Ayurveda in the land of herbs.

It provides you with the complete package of Ayurveda class which can harmonize the body, mind, and spirit and keep you totally healthy. Here, an experienced Ayurvedic practitioners guide you with the full Ayurvedic activities like herbal medicine, diet, yoga, pranayama, meditation etc. Ayurveda is connected with every aspect of the eastern healing system.

According to Ayurveda the main reason for the diseases in our body is the blockage of the body. The blockage in specific part of our body invites the related diseases in our body. If we can heal the reason for the diseases, we can be free from the diseases. Our Ayurveda class focuses on removing blockages of the body which are responsible for the diseases. We can prevent us from the future diseases by removing the blockages of our body.

There are three types of life forces according to Ayurveda which are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. We have all three forces in our body but one of them can be a dominant force. We have to balance all three forces to be healthy. We want to offer the chance to have a different experience of completeness of life by Ayurveda class. Our real effort is to promote complete health to the people. People are suffering from different diseases all over the world. Some are suffering from physical and some are suffering from mental diseases.

The real healer of the diseases is inside us. We have to activate the inner power to heal the diseases to get the true health. Nepal yoga teacher training and retreat center helps you to find your inner health power and activate that power. Ayurveda class in Nepal yoga teacher training and retreat training center can be the great achievement in your life because the Ayurveda class gives you the precious gift of health in your life.

‘Health is wealth’ is a saying among the people because healthy life is the dream of every human being. We cannot be happy without being healthy so the first requirement for happy life is sound health. Ayurveda can be your means for your healthy and happy life. Nepal yoga teacher training and retreat center motivates you to stay happy in your life by providing you Ayurveda class.

Nepal is the country where Ayurveda has been practicing from ancient time. Now, Ayurveda becomes worldwide. The original place of Ayurveda is good for Ayurveda class so Nepal yoga teacher training and retreat center wants to revive the ancient knowledge for your complete health in Nepal.

Why Yoga in Nepal

Why Yoga in Nepal

Let’s explore why we suggest you to join Yoga in Nepal?

Yoga in Nepal provides you all the aspects of yoga with a wonderful experience. Being a holy country, the energy from the divine inspires you to have complete knowledge of yoga and meditation in Nepal. Culturally accepted yoga in Nepal has its different perspective with the completeness of doing yoga and receiving the knowledge of yoga can be your plus point.

Nepal is the country where yoga was originated many years ago. Most of Nepalese adopt the yogic culture in their life. There is the yogic way in Nepalese cultures pre-birth to post-death. Yogic ways of the conception of a baby and yogic process to make baby safe into the womb of a mother are also found in the practice in Nepalese culture. The scientific logic of the culture is to enable a mother to give a perfect child.

There are many cultures in between the life of people in Nepal. Even after the death of a human, the culture wants to protect its soul and let it go in the higher level of the spiritual realm. There is a different way to mourn in Nepali culture that the suns of a father or mother stay in the meditative state for 13 days, eating only for a time, and wearing very clean cloths. They hear the philosophy of death and after death from a priest. The philosophy focuses on living yogic lifestyle throughout our life which is the different aspect of yoga in Nepal.

Nepal is naturally beautiful so we can enjoy the natural beauty in the process of learning yoga in Nepal. It is so close connection between yoga and natural beauty. Natural beauty adds the value of yoga and yoga encourages us to love natural beauty around us. In past days, yogis went to the jungle to practice meditation because jungle can give us the energy which motivates us to find the inner self and join the inner self with the supreme self of the universe.

Natural vegetation increases the level of Oxygen in the atmosphere. Oxygen is the life force of every creature of earth. The real function of pranayama is to increase the level of oxygen in our brain and every cell of the body. Oxygen increases the immune system of human body and saves us from many diseases. Pranayama and meditation are the part of yoga in Nepal which is helpful to connect with the life energy. Meditation is the best way to be free from the stress.

Kathmandu is the city of temples and the divine energy can be found in the surroundings of the capital city of Nepal. People of Nepal believe in God and their motto for the guest is, “Guests are God”. They have been teaching this motto from their childhood. Their heart is so broadened to the guests. The yogic philosophy is very easy to teach them because most of the concept should not teach them so Nepali teacher can teach yoga in Nepal perfectly. They can express the spiritual knowledge openly and comprehensively.

Nepal is the country of many yogis. From Buddha to yogi king Janaka was born in Nepal. Buddha spread his knowledge most of the Asian countries. Now, Buddha’s teaching is becoming the most influent spiritual philosophy in the world. Buddha and Janaka are the national heritage of Nepal. It is believed that many yogis are still meditating in the Himalayan areas of Nepal.

Another attraction to choose Nepal for yoga teacher training course is that Nepal is the country of the mountains. The highest peak of the world is situated in Nepal. There are 8 mountains in Nepal higher than 8,000 m among 14 in the world. The mountainous area is the best place to practice yoga because Himalaya can give us the pure energy around us.

The foundation of yoga is considered the knowledge of Vedas. The writer of Vedas is Veda Vyasa who was born in Nepal. Nepal is the suitable country to do yoga as well as learn yoga if we analyze much logic for it. Here one can find the original taste of yoga more than any other country in the world.

Every aspect of yoga should be learned in the process of yoga learning. If you want to experience the real version of yoga by learning yoga in Nepal, you can find in detail. Nepal is rich in medicinal herbs and Ayurveda. You can get the required knowledge about Ayurveda in the teacher training course of yoga in Nepal. The climate of Kathmandu is so favorable (not so cold and not so hot) to practice yoga in every season of the year. If you are planning to learn yoga or even to be a good yoga teacher, you should choose Nepal as your destination. Nepal can provide you the aspects of yoga which cannot be learned by teaching in a yoga hall.

People of Nepal practice spirituality in day to day life knowingly or unknowingly because the practice of spirituality is in the culture of the people. In yogic culture, people eat only after praying to the God for providing food. They become grateful every time they eat. They put every result of their life in the hand of God and start to do the action. They want to establish a close relationship with God in their life.

Nepal is the home of God Shiva who is considered as the founding father of yoga. Lord Shiva founded 8.4 million yoga poses. According to Hindu philosophy, he lives in the Kailash mountain of Nepal. He gave the knowledge of yoga to his wife Parvati for the first time. Most of the yogis chose the mountainous area to practice yoga in the past.

Nepal is a holy area so many yogis in the past who wanted to came to practice yoga in Nepal. The place where the great sages got enlightened is considered as the holy place from where we can get the grace of those yogis. Many yogis wanted to spread the message of peace and spirituality from this land so if you are choosing as your destination to learn yoga in Nepal, you are right.

The beautiful part of learning yoga in Nepal is that this country can give you the real satisfaction of learning yoga. Nepal gives you the knowledge of every aspect of yoga, every part of yoga, every detail of yoga, every pattern of yoga. To be a perfect yoga teacher you should come to learn yoga in Nepal for yoga teacher training course.

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