Chakra meditation

Chakra meditation

Chakra meditation is a powerful meditation which can activate seven energy centres of our body and gives us unlimited benefits in our life. Chakra meditation is the real medium to purify our 7 chakras and enables us to be free from the diseases. Our 7 chakras are related to the different parts of our body. The body parts which are related to our 7 chakras can be healed by purifying those specific chakras.

We can have the question what chakra is then. Chakras are the main centres of our body which plays the role to absorb the energy in our body from the universe. Chakras are called glands in medical science. Those chakras can absorb the positive energy from the universe if we can purify them. When chakras are pure, the positive energy can enter our body by the path of chakras.

Everyone wants to open their chakras to gain happiness, healthy life and prosperity. The most effective medium to make our chakras pure is meditation. Before to know about the chakra meditation, we must know about 7 chakras.

The names of 7 chakras are:

  1. Root Chakra (Muladhara Chakra)
  2. Sacral Chakra (Swadhishthan Chakra)
  3. Solar plexus chakra (Manipur Chakra)
  4. Heart chakra (Anahat Chakra)
  5. Throat chakra (Bisuddi Chakra)
  6. Third eye chakra (Ajna Chakra)
  7. Crown chakra (Sahasrara Chakra)

Those each chakra has their own colour and mantras to open them. They have their deities. If we can open all chakras, we can become healthy, happy and joyful in our life. To gain overall satisfaction in our life our all 7 chakras should be opened.

Chakra meditation is done to open the chakras of our body. Our body is controlled by the 7 energy centres. The centres should absorb the positive energy to our body from the universe. If they absorb the negative energy, we must purify them. Yoga, pranayama and meditation are the best media to make them positive. Among them, meditation is the best medium to open our all 7 chakras. Meditation is the tool by which we can get the chance to have an energetic life. We can get the real pleasure in our life by opening the energy centres of our body. We also achieve higher spiritual experience by opening them.

Chakra meditation can be done in different ways. We can do by feeling the sensation on our chakras, by citing their related mantras. We must go into deep level first and start to concentrate in the centres of our chakras. By purifying our centre points, we can achieve our real pleasure which is the most beautiful part of our life. We can imagine the colour of every chakra when we sit in our chakra meditation.

One of the chakra meditation technique is presented here to give you the example:

  1. Sit or lie in a comfortable position. Take some deep breath and relax.
  2. Feel your body becoming lighter and lighter.
  3. Concentration in your root chakra. Feel that the red colour is flowing on your root chakra. Feel the sensation there and relax.
  4. Cite the mantra Lam inside and imagine that the energy is flowing towards your spinal cord.
  5. Concentrate on your second chakra, Sacral Chakra (Swadhishthan Chakra) and feel the energy there.
  6. Imagine that the orange colour is covering your Sacral Chakra. At last, cite the mantra Wam inside and feel that the energy goes towards up to your head.
  7. Now, concentrate on your Solar plexus chakra (Manipur Chakra) and feel the energy of the universe is absorbed by the chakra.
  8. Imagine that your Solar plexus chakra is covering the yellow colour.
  9. Cite the mantra Ram inside and feel the energy into your Solar plexus chakra. The power of mantra is transforming the energy towards your spinal cord.
  10. Now the turn is of your fourth energy centre heart chakra. Concentrate on your heart centre and feel the energy of the universe entering your heart and all the love of the universe is covering your body. Imagine that the unconditional love of the higher source is protecting you.
  11. Imagine that the green colour is covering your heart area. The colour gives you the positive energy.
  12. Cite the mantra Yam and feel that your body is being irrigated by the energy of the higher source.
  13. Concentrate on your throat chakra and imagine that the chakra is covered by the supreme source of the universe. The throat chakra is the centre of communication and personal truth of a human being.
  14. Imagine that the blue colour is covered on your throat chakra. Feel that you are blessed by the speaking power.
  15. Cite the mantra Ham and feel that your personal truth has been found.
  16. The sixth chakra is third eye chakra which is related to intuition and brain power. This is also the centre of your mind power.
  17. Imagine that the indigo colour on your third eye. This colour helps you to open your third eye energy centre.
  18. Cite the mantra Aum which can be the blessing of your life because the mantra citing gives you unbelievable satisfaction in your life.
  19. The last chakra is crown chakra. Concentrate on your crown chakra and imagine that the energy is flowing on your crown chakra. The chakra is related to the connection with the divine, universe and your true self.
  20. Imagine the white colour of your crown chakra. The white colour is the combination of all colours. The colour transfers the energy from the universe to your body.
  21. Cite the mantra Aum and feel that all your body is covered by the divine energy.

At last of your chakra meditation, you must suggest yourself come out from the meditation. For that the following process should be applied:

  1. Number one I am coming out from the chakra meditation.
  2. Number two I and coming out from the chakra meditation.
  3. Number three I and coming out from the chakra meditation.
  4. Number four I and coming out from the chakra meditation.
  5. Number five I and coming out from the chakra meditation.
Kundalini Meditation

Kundalini Meditation

Kundalini meditation is the meditation which can open our kundalini energy and give us the divine power. It is the pure spiritual practice with the purpose to save the world from negativity. This meditation can give us the unlimited happiness in our life. The total satisfaction with our life brings all positive changes, not only in our life but also to the life of the people who are related to us.

Kundalini is the primal energy which lies on the bottom of the spine. The kundalini power is dormant inside our body and everybody has it. We must activate the kundalini power by doing meditation to awaken the latent power. The kundalini energy lies twisted like a serpent in the triangular sacrum at the lower end of the spine. By purifying our all 7 chakras we can awake the power of kundalini snake.

When the power awakens, we can be rid of physical, mental and psychological diseases. The energy purifies all the systems of our body. This meditation is also related to the 7 chakras of our body because, without the knowledge of 7 chakras, we can not do kundalini meditation perfectly. 7 chakras are the main centers or the path where the energy flows from the bottom of the spine to the tip of the head.

There are a lot of techniques for doing Kundalini meditation. We don’t have to be confused with different ways of doing. The most important factor is to awake our kundalini power. There is no vast difference in the different techniques but only the slight difference can be found.

meditation in nepal

The main purpose of Kundalini meditation is to be enlightened in life. It is very powerful meditation which can bring us to the higher level of the spiritual path. The ultimate destination of every yoga, pranayama, and meditation is to be liberated from the bondage of life. Most of the people want to seek worldly success, good health, and serenity in life. We can get everything whatever we choose to have in our life from kundalini yoga and meditation.

We must gradually evolve in kundalini meditation. We don’t have to hurry up to do the meditation fast. We must follow the process patiently. Kundalini meditation should be done with the instruction of a good master. We must understand the theory and precautions very perfectly then we can achieve our goal. We will not be the same after finishing Kundalini meditation. We will be transformed after the kundalini meditation.

At first, you must learn the basic concept of meditation if you don’t have any knowledge about meditation or you have not experienced meditation. You must go into a deeper level in mediation. You must follow your master in the process of kundalini meditation. The most important factor is to sit in a proper position in the meditation. You must sit in the very comfortable position with loose clothes. Padmasana can be the best position but you cannot sit in Padmasana you can sit in Sukhasana.

The breathing process can be the common meditation technique. With the instruction of your master, you should start to watch your breathing process. You may take a long breath from your nose with the sensation of inhaling and exiling.  You can count the breathing 1-5 and continue to count 1-5, not 6. When you count your breath, you can go to a deeper level.

For the further process of the meditation, your master will guide you. You should be clear that you don’t have to practice this meditation without your master until and unless you can be the good kundalini meditation practitioner. You should practice more and more to be a better meditator. You can achieve the mastery in meditation one day, which will be the best moment of your life.

Your master can give you a powerful mantra to make you concentrated. Mantra has the power of universe which has been singing for ages. The positive vibration can be produced by citing mantra. You must focus only on the meditation. You don’t have to attach with the worldly affairs during the meditation. There are a lot of benefits of kundalini meditation that you can not believe them. Kundalini meditation has many dimensions which are physical, mental, emotional, psychological and social. Some of the benefits of kundalini meditation are as follows:

  1. Your face becomes bright and you look younger than you really are.
  2. You can feel the bliss of life.
  3. Your brain becomes very light and you can remember most of the content what you read.
  4. You can realize that your body is very light, and you become happy most of the time.
  5. You can realize that some power of the universe is coming into your body.
  6. Kundalini meditation can purify your body and you can be completely healthy.
  7. Kundalini meditation can eliminate all the toxins in your body and increase the oxygen flow in the blood cells.
  8. Kundalini meditation can balance the chemistry of the brain and activates the positive hormones like serotonin and melatonin which can make us free from the risk of depression, stress, and anxiety.
  9. Kundalini meditation promotes the self-esteem of our life.
  10. The positive vibes of kundalini meditation can affect the world positively.
  11. You can feel the inner peace.
  12. You want to share your love with your dearest and nearest. You can give the love of your heart.
  13. You can be able to help others selflessly. Your expectation from others decreases.
  14. Your way of thinking will be changed, and you will be able to think about the positive aspect of your life.
  15. Kundalini meditation can increase your IQ level and make you more logical.
  16. You can feel the peace of mind you will become better to sense sound, color and sight.
  17. You can be more companionate and empathetic in your life.
  18. You can maintain the good relationship with the people around you.
  19. Kundalini meditation can increase your creative power.
  20. You can attract people easily. You will be popular with your friends.
  21. You become more spiritual and sincere in your life.
  22. You can feel youthful, immense joyful, and beautiful body.
  23. All the suppressions of our mind will disappear.
  24. You can find your real existence in this world.
Is It Better To Have Private Yoga Instructor or Group Learning?

Is It Better To Have Private Yoga Instructor or Group Learning?

Nowadays, Yoga practice has been flourished throughout the world with a private yoga instructor or with group learning. An experienced private yoga instructor tries to give a better result to the clients. Group learning may not be able to carry all the students parallelly. Group class runs observing the overall students in the class. The capacity of clients to do yoga and other health complications of the different clients can be an issue that the group learning may be unfruitful. Students need step by step learning, which can be carried out only by a private yoga instructor. Many of the students need help to practice Asana with proper yoga props and correct alignment in posture and such help will be very rare in group learning. A single instructor cannot do all these things for the entire group. However, in private class, the instructor is focused on the clients tailoring the sequence and experience to his/her needs. So, the progress of the yoga students will be faster than in group learning.  Private classes can bring improvements to one’s physical and mental health. It helps one acquire personal yoga goals.

The private yoga instructor has become more important for all levels of Yoga practitioners. The following benefits are generally seen from the private yoga class:

  • Beginners may feel overwhelmed for few classes in typical settings. It may be difficult to keep up before it becomes easier to get into different posses with respect to flexibility.  The private lesson helps beginners to avoid overwhelmed and uncomfortable feelings. The student can learn each move personally from a private yoga instructor and can improve immediately which makes easier to get started.
  • To manage time for the class is important. If the clients cannot spare time as per the schedule of the class, clients can maintain time as per his favorable schedule. So, a private class can include even the busiest person. A private class can manage personal plans and scheduling conflicts. As a client can take the class at any time of day or night relying on social obligations or work, yoga practice becomes more flexible in a private setting.
  • The students can get better instructions to perform advanced poses. So ability in the progress in pose will be easier. With proper attention to the posture and its alignment, a student will be greatly benefited. Clients even can learn various modifications in the postures to make more accessible.  In addition to this private class allows one to take their yoga practice in a depth level. A group practice might not offer the level of more advanced practitioners to realize the depth of posture. It gives better skills, fewer complications and the greater level of confidence. Thus private yoga allows preceding one to next level.
  • An instructor can observe personally to the clients so that instructor can properly guide in a correct alignment of posture and techniques of pranayama, bandha, kriyas etc. There are other different activities which require proper instruction of the teacher.
  • The instructor can teach yogic activities step by step to the clients as per his/her ability. An instructor will have a chance to observe the client and teach what client favors.
  • Health concern and injuries can make yoga class ineffective and impracticable. A single instructor cannot cope with all the students regarding their health and injuries in the group learning. It will be impossible to focus each individual as per their need and ensure them that the poses will not further injury or strain. Some cases, like pregnancy, blood pressure, diabetes, or heart diseases may need special instruction for the practice. The clients can get the better environment to learn Yoga with respect to their health issues.  Students can get better opportunity to get back into yoga if they have got any injury. A private yoga instructor can work around the health issues and avoid the further problems. So, it seems ideal to join a private yoga class.
  • The instructor can spent sufficient time to improve the alignment and other related practices for the clients.
  • If they are doing incorrectly, private yoga instructor can help to perform correctly. If a client is unable to perform particular asana, then the instructor can help to make him perform using yoga props until the client gets used to for the pose. The instructor even can help his client using other different techniques.
  • Practicing yoga with private yoga instructor allows the students to make an intention to work on a specific pose and gradually or each week able to practice more advanced poses. One can learn the entire difficult poses with the help of private yoga instructor. A client can get the class exactly in a particular way as he needs from a private yoga instructor.
  • It is not recommended to practice yoga at home without professional instruction because it may lead to accidental injuries due to lack of proper guidance. But private class makes it possible to create appropriate yoga practice at home.
  • The right private yoga instructor can give you a tool which you can use outside the class. The tool may be useful throughout life.  All could get the instruction like how to breathe longer, sit upright, stand taller, stretch properly before exercise etc. But the important thing is that a private yoga instructor can give you the opportunity to aid you to insight within yourself at a different level. This helps you to go deeper to the level where the soul enlightens also help you shine that effluence outward for others to see.
  • A private yoga teacher guides you even by sharing his background history. You can also easily share your history to the instructor, due to which the instructor can teach yoga for you in a better way as per your requirements. In group class this thing is challenging. After knowing about the teacher, you can cope with yoga in a better way, your level of practice promotes. You can understand how to tackle different obstacles that come across the yoga path and proceed forward despite of unfavorable situations.
 Is veganism reasonable

 Is veganism reasonable

Is veganism reasonable? Vegan vs non-vegan Logics on food

Veganism is the practice of abandoning meat, fish, insects and animal products like milk and milk products, eggs, honey etc. including the lifestyle which strictly prohibits the use of any kind of animal products and services that are rooted on the suction of animals. Vegan avoids the products like leather and any tested on animals.  The question arises- vegan life is better or non-vegan life is better. There are an unsolvable issue and vast debate on this topic. Vegan people advocates in favor of veganism and non-vegan oppose the veganism concept.

Let us observe the logic of non-vegan people

  • Among three types of omega-3: eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), and the plant-based alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), DHA and EPA, two of the essential fatty acids don’t exist in the plant kingdom. EPA is connected with inflammation and DHA is connected to mental health. Meat and fish contain lots of protein, calorie, and fats. So, animal-based food is necessary.
  • Vitamin B 12, creatine, extremely absorbed except in animal kingdom.
  • All the animals are created for human use and consumption.
  • Milk, milk-products etc are universal food. All types of nutrition are available in milk. So it is good for human consumption. Honey is very good for health.
  • If milk is a non-edible thing, what is the purpose of keeping the cow at home..! The only calf cannot finish its mother’s milk. Thus, cow breast gets into a problem. So, a human must consume animal’s milk.
  • If cow’s milk and milk products were not good for human, why Lord Krishna took lots of butter, milk, curd etc…!
  • There is no wrong using animals’ product. Even Lord Shiva’s photo can be seen using tiger’s skin.
  • The work of donkey is to carry loads. The horse seems nice when it carries humans. So, service from animals is good.
  • When a new type of medicine is discovered, it should first be tested on animals, if it becomes successful then only the medicine will be fit for a human. So, animals need to be used for such purpose and human welfare.

Vegans’ Logic

  • A vegan diet is proved to be the healthiest of all, reducing the risk of all diseases. Animal-based foods are the main source of all diseases like cancer, heart attack, kidney problem and formation of stone, piles, constipation, diabetes etc.
  • Food and Drug Administration recommends protein, Vitamin B12 and creatine 50 gram per day. It is easily available in nuts and legumes. Soya bean gives better protein, calorie, and fats than that of animal products.
  • FDA has not a current recommendation of Omega 3 but American Heart Association commends one gram every day.  Omega 3 is available in seeds and nuts like chia, flax, dark leafy greens, walnut, hemp seed etc.  No matter, only ALA is found in seeds and nut among three types of omega-3; the body itself converts ALA into EPA and DHA as per the body requirements. So, plant-based food is perfect.
  • The fatty acids DHA and EPA are found in algae.
  • Omega-6 is the available seed of cotton, corn, safflower, sunflower and their oil. Omega-6 is to be consumed in very less amount.
  • This is simple to understand. Who wants to be killed? – No one. Who wants to be suffered? –nobody. If so, it is illogical to kill an animal or trouble them.
  • The milk of the animal is fittest for its baby. Honey is fit for bees’ baby. The nutrition available in the animal product is not suitable for human health and consciousness. The nutrition pattern achieved from an animal does not suit the human body.  It is basically and fundamentally structured for animal only. Consumption of animal products slower the development of human consciousness.
  • Animals product can be used but without harming animals. Animals’ skin can be used only after its natural death. Anything obtained after harming other, possess negative vibration which harms the user.
  • It is not bad if animals work for humans. But, it is seen that people give lots of trouble during its service. Sometimes, people make an animal to carry very heavy loads; sometimes they ignore about animals’ health and keep get them work. A human can never get their aim unless they stop giving suffering to any creatures.
  • Modern medicine has not decreased the number of patients, but increasing day by day. Thus, the medicines (drug mixed) which need to be tested in animals are decreasing the natural immunity of the patient. Only alternative medicines, natural and ayurvedic medicines or holistic medicines are helping for human health. Testing in the animal is to giving misery to them.
  • Taking meat, fish, eggs, milk, and other animals product makes the human unhealthy.
  • A cow can be kept at home, not for milk but for its blessing. If the cow is happy, a good vibration flows around it. Cow purifies the environment. It exhales oxygen. Cow-dung and urine are very good fertilizers for crops. Human has the wrong concept that cow has excess milk for its baby, so, human should consume it. The reality is that cow was compelled (forcefully) to produce more milk because human steal the milk which was the share of the calf. So, to satisfy both human and calf, the cow does so. If a human does not steal from the beginning of the delivery, cow won’t be forced to produce more milk. It will produce only the required amount for its calf.
  • The period of Lord Krishna was different. The service to the cow like that of Krishna’s period cannot be given now. The quality of the cow during that period was different. Contemporary time and situation favor veganism. Had milk consumption been the better, concept of veganism wouldn’t have appeared.


However, some of the non-vegan says that veganism is a perfect way of life but to lead such life is not easy for all. There are some other logics regarding food. One needs to eat that kind of food to which the body is designed for. Food should not be the matter of religion, philosophy or ‘ism’ or philosophy. But harming other is ethically wrong, socially wrong and scientifically wrong.

Some think that there is no right or wrong way of eating, everyone is so different- cultures different, geography different, mentality different, the body’s different, due to medical reason, you may have to take various types of food. So, one must know the right food for him.

According to Sadaguru- Food is for the body, it goes through the human system, and has to become a part of a human system. It has to be unified with your body to become you. The food having a very complex sense of memory and information reduce the ability of the body to digest and make the food into own part. Animals, as they are having a complicated sense of memory, should not be eaten. You should never consume animal because it is very identical to you; its memory is complex which cannot be broken down 100%.  In another part of it arrear, successively the animal’s traits develop through our system, and unwittingly and unknowingly this things display in expression. People get angry, stress, mindlessness etc. Among different factors, the food we are consuming is the main reason for this. If you eat plant product, a simple memory code or the genetic code, it is very ingenious. It means, in the evolutionary scale whatever is the farthest away from you that is what you need to eat. So, only the food with the simplest memory code is fit to consume. It is easy to break down and make a part of yourself.  We can detect suitable food for us observing various parameter in the body- the length of the elementary channel, how things happen in the system etc. If you look inwards at all this vividly you can identify what the wants, and for what it is designed. You ought not to ask to doctor, a guru, or a nutritionist what you should eat and what you should not eat. You simply ask your body. What to eat- how to eat -how much to eat. You eat something, look how fast the food ruses out of your abdomen back into the intestine. If it is moving within 2.5 hours, if everything is passed out, that is suitable to eat. If it lingers on 4-6 hours or even more like that of meat- not good to eat.

An animal which shows emotion, similar with or close to human emotion, has certainly exalted memory. If such animals are consumed, that will not integrate itself and that animal nature start revealing in the nature of the consumer. Some animals are really great and worshipful by nature. If an elephant sees- a tiger hunting buffalo, elephant saves the buffalo. If you drown to sea, and if a dolphin finds you, it will take you out of the water. It shows that the animals have higher sense. If something wrong is going on with you or you have some suffering, cow knows it even if you are not near to it- the cow of especially your house, hear about your house starts tearing for you. It wishes for your good. So, if animals are killed, it is like a murder of a human.

Yoga Detox and Its Benefits

Yoga Detox and Its Benefits

Yoga detox means to cleanse our body inside and outside by yoga, pranayama, meditation and different yogic diet. Yoga is the means to purify our body by eliminating all the toxins from our body. Toxins are the cause of different diseases in our body. So, the main aim of yoga detox is to eliminate the toxins in our body which are the burden of our body, brain, and mind.

Our body regularly collects unnecessary particles in the body and accumulates in the nerves which become the blockages in the course of time. They become the burdens for the blood circulation of the body. The low rate of blood circulation of the body invites a lot of diseases in our body. We can cleanse our outside body by bathing but we can clean inner body by yoga detox which can help us to be healthy all the time. Yoga detox makes our body free from all blockages. Yoga opens the blockages of the body.

We take the breath, drink water and eat food every day. By these activities, toxins enter into our body. Many chemicals become the toxins after entering into the body which is the real cause of the diseases. If we are sick and we can detoxify those toxins from our body, our body starts to be healthy. Yoga detox can be able to make free our body from the toxins which have been collected for years.

We cannot avoid the toxins to enter into our body so we have to apply the technique for detoxification to be free from mental and physical discomfort. The real search of every people of the world is happy and healthy life. We can get the sensual pleasure only after having ease mind and body. Life’s first priority is to be healthy and happy without any stress in the mind. If we choose to be free from the stress, we can find the way. The way is yoga detox class. When you learn yoga detox, you can continue yoga in your life to detoxify your body.

Main organs of our body collect the toxins and we have to clean those toxins time to time. For that yoga can be the best medium. If we do so, we can prevent ourselves from the danger of the future diseases. Some of the toxins come out from the sweat, urine and other activities but some of the toxins mix in the blood which brings the toxins all over the body which can be harmful.

The easy way to detoxify the toxins from our body is yoga, pranayama, and meditation. It can help you to eliminate the toxins from your body. Yoga Detox supports the body to rid of from the toxins. By increasing the immune power of the body, yoga detox protects us from many diseases.

There are a lot of benefits of yoga detox, some of them are as follows:

Increases the Immune Power

It is a very easy medium to increase the immune power of our body which can prevent us from the diseases. The immune system also helps to cure the diseases of our body fast. We rarely become sick, if we have a strong immune system in our body.

Increases the Blood Flow

Yoga detox increases the blood flow to our body. When the blood flow increases, all the systems of the body become balanced. The fast blood flow can bring the oxygen to every cell of the body and keep them active. It can also reduce the stress on our mind.

Helps You to Have Better Sleep

Yoga detox helps you to sleep better than before. It increases the dopamine hormone in the body which makes you happy. It reduces the stresses of the mind and maintains your overall life. Better sleep helps us to be physically and mentally strong.

Delaying Age

Yoga detox delays the ageing process and keeps us young than our real age. Everybody wants to be young than their real age. It increases the glow of our face and activeness. Yoga detox adds our energy and beauty to the body.

Balances Your Weigh

Yoga detox balances your weight of the body. Nowadays, most of the people are suffering from overweight. If they take this class, they can lose their weight. Yoga can be the bliss for the people who want to be free from overweight.

Increases the Red Blood Cells in the Body:

Yoga detox increases the red blood cells in our body which carries oxygen to every part of our body. It keeps our body healthy mentally and physically.

Increase Memory Power

Yoga detox increases our memory power. It increases the concentration power too. It helps us to remember which we read. Yoga detox makes us aware of what we do in our life.

Increases Positivity

Yoga detox increases positivity to see our life. It helps to be grateful for everything we have and everyone who are in touch with us. We can be able to love ourselves and to others. We see each moment as our opportunity in our life after yoga detox.

Increases peacefulness of mind:

yoga detox increases the peacefulness of our mind. We become calm in our life than before. We achieve inner confidence and power. The peaceful mind can bring the positive results.

Increases Self Control:

Yoga detox helps us to control ourselves in every sector of our life. It increases our positive attitude to see the problems and nothing can lead us to the negative path. It controls our every activity of our life and tries to give the perfect solution in each moment.

Increases Self-esteem:

Yoga detox is very helpful to increase our self-esteem in our life. When our self-esteem increases, we become more hopeful to our life. We become the success in the goal of our life with unlimited hope for life. Our life starts to touch our path to gain the ultimate purpose of the life. Our unstoppable effort brings us to the satisfaction in the life.

Increases Stamina of Our Body:

Yoga detox is the best way to increase the stamina of the body. Yoga detox tightens our muscles and energizes our joints. It gives the most important wealth of our life, a healthy body

Decreases Stress Level:

Yoga detox is the powerful means to be free from the stress. It eliminates the blockages of the brain which is useful to remove all the stresses of our mind.